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DM-Helios - Solar Observatory [ALPHA1] [download] [Pics]

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    DM-Helios - Solar Observatory [ALPHA1] [download] [Pics]

    Name: DM-Helios (currently 2 players)

    Version: Alpha 1

    Compatibility: PC (PS3 will come if enough people request it) Should work with any patch (please verify)

    Description: The Helios Solar Observatory is both the first manned mission to the Sun, and the closest man made object to the Sun, orbiting only 1,418,700 km from the Sun's surface. To protect it from the extreme heat and radiation, the station is surrounded by a forcefield powered quite obviously by solar power. After almost a year of operation, however, frequent problems began to arise with the shielding system. This caused the mission to be canceled and the station was sold to Liandri. The tendency of the shield to go down periodically was seen as an interesting arena hazard, so Liandri threw in an invulnerability to make things more interesting.

    Comments: I'm releasing an alpha of this map for testing purposes. Since it's an early alpha build, the decoration is NOWHERE NEAR close to finished. The sole purpose of this release is for feedback based on map flow.

    Anyway, I've had plans for a map like this for quite a while now. Originally I was creating it for Unreal 1, but I soon realized making it would be long and tedious. So I moved on to UT2004, but that didn't work out either. I figured it would be better to work on it for UT3, and it was. I love UE3, it's so much easier to map with IMO.

    I know what you're thinking, "So what's the gimmick for this map?" As I stated above, the shield tends to go down periodically, roughly every 3 minutes and 30 seconds. First of all, notice the shielded doorway at the top of the bigger tower. After the first 3 minutes, an alarm will sound and the door will become unshielded. You will then have 30 seconds to navigate to it, take the elevator to the top of the tower, then jump to the other tower and fall through the hole to grab the invulnerability. The one to get the invulnerability lives, everybody else dies a horrible, fiery death.

    The inspiration came from two different games. One is the Solar level from StarFox 64 where you're flying right above the surface of the Lylat System's star. The second came from Super Mario Galaxy, when I was listening to the level music for the Melty Molten Galaxy (Especially when the level is called Hell Prominance Galaxy in the Japanese version). Basically, in this map, you're on a space station that's orbiting pratically right next to the Sun.

    Also, if you're wondering why there isn't stuff spewing from the Sun, well, I didn't want to bog down FPS, so there. Just think of the Sun as being in deep Solar Minimum, where the Sun isn't throwing stuff everywhere. By the way, the red wavy stuff you see under the space station and during the Kismet sequence isn't coming from the Sun, it's a result of the Solar Wind hitting the forcefield/spacestation. Trippy, innit?Oh and one more thing, don't look at the Sun. If you have a low tolerance for Bloom, looking at the Sun will kill your eyes, similar to how the Sun works in real life. If enough people have a problem with the Sun being too bright (lolwut) to the point the map becomes unenjoyable, I'll lower the bloom.


    Credits: Oh geez... Umm... Hourences, ArcadiaVincenne, Apophis3d, Odedge, and some myriad other people for their extremely helpful tutorials. Oh, and Epic Games for making such a powerful engine, and for the solar panels, which I shamelessly stole from DM-Morbias


    Currently known issues:
    Like every other early map, this version has issues (I told it to see a psychiatrist, but that didn't work. Ahem...)
    • Bots don't know how and when to go get the invulnerability
    • If you fail to get the invulnerability, you lose a frag. Not sure what to do about that.

    NOTE:This map was built and run on a humble PC with these specs:

    GeForce 9500 GT
    E2220 2.4 GHz Pentium Dual Core
    2 GB RAM

    Anyway, leave comments and feedback. I need to know what needs fixing and how I can fix it. It's how this map can be improved!

    Hey there.

    I gave a look at your map, good work.

    I like the idea of the overload, only one issue i noticed while i was walking around the map.

    The supports for the rotating rings have no collision, this means i can fall through them, just to clarify better i highlighted one in this pic.


    Dont know if its intentional with the purpose to not allow players go too far, in this case nevermind, but falling through something which looks so 'solid' makes no sense ^^



      Originally posted by Darkemule View Post
      Dont know if its intentional with the purpose to not allow players go too far, in this case nevermind, but falling through something which looks so 'solid' makes no sense ^^
      They were already like that when I added them, but I intentionally left them like that because, as you guessed, I didn't want players walking on it. Although now that I think of it, that'd be the perfect place to put a redeemer once I expand the level to accommodate more than 2 players. I'll keep that in mind for future releases. Thanks for the feedback!


        Looks nice. Downloading.