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CTF-Depot [Youtube video & Screenshot] [PS3 cook also]

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    CTF-Depot [Youtube video & Screenshot] [PS3 cook also]

    Name: CTF-Depot

    Version: Beta 1

    Compatibility: UT3 (no titan pack required)

    Description: I've spent the last 6 or 7 weeks constructing a like-ness of MP_Depot from the first gears of war. I hope everyone enjoys the reverse flag gameplay.

    Comments: Please let me know if there's any glitches, exploits, or ways that could improve the gameplay at all.



    Youtube video:

    Credits: Epic games, me


    Download for PC now (114 mb):

    Download for PS3 now (114 mb):

    It look very good

    Will try it asap

    How come the PC file size is so big


      Originally posted by stevelois View Post
      How come the PC file size is so big
      Loads of custom textures & meshes in order to capture the essence of the gears of war theme


        Yeah, after seeing the map, I can understand why it is so big

        BTW, absolutely great job about your materials, it is well made. The only one that I feel is a bit to much reflective is the one on the ground in the hangar. Like the specular is set to high. All the rest is great

        The music is also very nice. I like the atmosphere very much.

        Most of my feedback is gameplay / flow oriented,

        Collisions need to be adjusted on those SM all around the map. I must jump to not collide :


        BV are needed on those big SM :


        The SM as no collision & there is nothing under ? Camping spot :


        I found the map rather flat. There is no Z-axis fight at all which is imho not good. If you manage to add some items on containers the better.

        The weapon locker are a left down for me & do not suit well imo. One of the weapon could be on the ground inside the hangar & the other one just a bit outside the hangar.

        There is to much empty space between pickups (ammo / health) & even with 10 adept players I die most of the time in the middle of the map. I never score once **** it ! I suggest you add some ammo & vials a bit more between weapon base & also add some crate / containers to add a bit more cover.

        I found the link gun weapon base rather odd that would be better placed elsewhere like in between the udamage / helicopter.

        I also strongly suggest you add some armors, the vest / belt would be a good instead of the link. Helmet & tight would be also welcome between the flak / RL. It could be placed on / between containers or on the ground.

        I also found that spot would be awesome for a super weapon like the redeemer or the sniper perhaps ?


        Lastly, make sure players can't get out the play area

        A solid map you got there


          Ah well I was hoping that you'd find the helmet / vest inside the trailers that are near the hangar base. But yes thanks for the feedback, will work on those suggestions.


            Played it, looks great but there are things that could use some improvements.

            (Oh and you should probably credit Gears of War specifically for the meshes/materials)

            1. Like Steve pointed out, the biggest flaw is definitely the lack of Z-axis, there's none.

            2. The flagbase inside the warehouse is too empty and looks rather uninteresting, I would also remove the 2 GoW cars from there, they look too much like vCTF/War vehicles and players will think that they can use em.

            3. There are at least 2 spots where I needed to use the translocator to get weapon/armor, the chopper and the truck. I'd place some kind of ramp so you don't need translocator there.

            4. Weapon Lockers = no, they serve no purpose and you should have their weapons placed near the base instead.

            5. Some places might be a bit too dark.

            6. Some collision issues, @ the udmg warehouse I have to jump to get pass one ramp and I could very easily get to places I'm not supposed to and I could also see the "void" simply by jumping against the wall at the chopper.

            7. I'm also not sure about the non symmetrical bases, and there are no arrows/anything that guides me to the other base. Also minor detail, the red flag base had a blue mesh flag behind it. Shouldn't be too hard to change so it's red when the red flag is there and blue when the blue flag is there.

            8. The spotlights placed on the outside wall of the Udmg warehouse projects wierd unrealistic light spots on the wall.

            Well that's what I found, most of the stuff Steve already mentioned. You should probably consider reconstructing the map a bit for the Z-axis part, I know this sounds like a lot of work but it would really improve the gameplay considerably!

            But all in all, despite the gameplay flaws it was fun to play and it looks very good!


              yeah I'll probably put misc. pickups on higher up places like I did for CTF-Immulsion that way there's some z-axis action going on. I'll work on the other stuff too later


                Ohhhh yes


                  Ohhhh pretty awesome!

                  thnks for the PS3 version man. i'm gonna try it, lets wait for the final version. XD


                    Yeah... gonna wait for a few more comments before I work on the final


                      I posted some gameplay footage on your map:

                      But my complaints so far:

                      * - The lighting is waaaay too dark. You can't even see some corners. I'm not saying it should be super bright like Disney World. Just that some areas should be barely visible.
                      * - Collision with ramp seems incomplete (you probably know that already).

                      My suggestions include:

                      * - Instead of making an exact replica to the original map you should make some slight additional modifications to it to fit the UT3 gameplay.
                      * - Adding to my previous suggestion you should add in a redeemer somewhere, obviously it would have to be a hard to reach place that requires a translocator. The UDamage should be in a hard to reach place also.
                      * - Can you make the gas station destructible? That would be neat.

                      Anyway you're doing an amazing job and hopefully the complains haven't dissuade or discourage you from further developing these amazing Gears of War maps. Keep up the good work.


                        Please post future feedback on - thank you. It is where I will now be looking at feedback for my maps.