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WAR-WinterBridge [Beta 3 out]

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    WAR-WinterBridge [Beta 3 out]

    Name: WinterBridge

    Version: Beta 1

    Compatibility: UT3 with titan content

    Description: A request was made by several community members for me to transform my hit map VCTF-WinterBridge into a WAR map. I thought about opening the map up for more nodes, but then I wanted to keep the action intense. Just wait til you play it for yourself.

    Changes for beta 3 include:

    - Added forced dir volumes around the perimiter of the map

    - Fixed several locations that did not have collision

    - Added avril pickup behind the core bases

    - Removed stinger pickup from core bases in weapon lockers and only placed them in the lockers at the nodes

    - Fixed the killZ and stallZ to be more appropriate

    - Fixed everything in post #17 pointed out





    Credits: Epic games, me


    Download for PC:

    Have fun and frag hard

    The map looks crisp bro but when I downloaded the link you provided it says the .ut3 file is corrupt. You might want to rezip it and try to re upload it again


      also rename it... if its a BETA map it should be WAR-WinterBridge_Beta1 (or whatever you want to use) it's just less confusing that way...


        Okay uploaded a new zip, try it again


          It's up on our server if anybody is interested in testing this. Im about to hop on shortly to give it a look see myself. Here's the IP:

          Mirror DL-

          Cheers Hitman!


            Just hopped on - got my butt kicked


              Were you in the server as mad cat? I have a few pics of collision issues I

              found that you might want to check out. This map definetly kicks A@%

              but it needs some avrils or scorpions to fight of all the vipers and air

              vehicles that are in it. Besides the collision and the avrils/scorpions I think

              its a done deal. Thanks again for sharing this beauty and it will stay on

              our server for testing until a newer Beta comes out. If you do release a

              new beta, please rename it for us server hosts becuase its alot less

              confusing to figure out what the latest version of your maps are. It just

              gets frustrating when you know you have the map but your downlaoding it

              again on another server thats running an older version but it has the same

              map name.

              Anyway here are some quick screenies I took to show you some of the collision issue:

              -the bridge support meshes on all 4 corners of the bridge need collision

              You can jump and fall all the way into the bottom of the tenticles

              All of these meshes have no collision

              These ones too

              -I was also able to get outside the map and underneath the core buildings from the top of each of them with a viper or a hammer jump

              And im not sure if this is such a big deal but vehicles and hoverboards get stuck on these steps when u reach the top of them

              Thats all I found for now if but I find anything else I will let you know mang!


                i would strongly suggest using ForcedDirVolumes around the edges of the map and setting the killz and stallz in world properties.i would also avoid putting stingers in every weapon locker. and like nOOt said.. avrils would be nice. love the enforcer pickup btw

                no collision on the top part of these rocks:


                  Will work on it maybe tomorrow, thanks for letting me know. I really tried to fix the collision for the 4 corners of the bridges but since it's a K-actor, making blocking volumes for it is tough, but I'll give it a shot.


                    be sure to tell peeps to stop by our server for Custom map night. We will def be testing this one tonight if u want to hop in


                      I don't know that many people online that play UT3


                        Anyone have suggestions as to where I can place stinger pickups?


                          maybe just keep them at cores and replace the ones at node lockers with flak


                            But I have avril pickups at the bases... ugh no where good to put stingers


                              yea.. weapon placement can be such a pain maybe just leave them at node lockers or only at bridge node