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WAR Confluence [pics][Alpha v0.45][Feb 7]

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    I reckon you need to split up some of those long, wide paths from node to node because otherwise, you can easily just camp the only route to the core and the game will last a long time

    and on that note, if there is a hellbender in the map, from almost anywhere you could use the second seat to take out anyone (orb carrier etc.) or even tanks. And saying that, with all the wide open space this map probly wont favour tanks well.

    Note that all of that is just my opinion.


      You're right, there's only one ground path to the core. There are also flying vehicles though and there is a way in behind the core (via manta's or the like). There are two ground paths from the prime nodes to the center island (jump pad & bridge). This map relies heavily on action as most of the nodes (despite having multiple ways to attack) end up being somewhat like choke points. After the bunkers are installed around the nodes it might change the flow a little bit.

      I might have a new version ready to play soon. This is taking me a lot longer than anticipated haha.

      I just added the hellbender so I'll have to check how it plays. I'll keep all your thoughts in mind though. It's a pretty open map but I'd like to try to keep obstacles in the way of long range attacks as much as possible.

      I guess we'll find out how well I did on my next alpha build haha.

      Thanks for the advice


        any updates?