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WAR Confluence [pics][Alpha v0.45][Feb 7]

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    WAR Confluence [pics][Alpha v0.45][Feb 7]

    Name: WAR-Confluence
    Version: Alpha 0.45
    Compatibility: PC patch 5
    Download: Version 0.45 RAR (ZIP) (Feb 7, 2010)
    Description: Pending

    Original Post:
    Comments: This is really early still but I'm open to any advice or critiques you have. It should be playable but the bots still avoid using vehicles and also the Red base is non existent. There are no bases or anything for other nodes ether.. but I'd like to know what you think about node placement. Or what suggestions you have for vehicles. Hope you enjoy it


    Let me know what you think
    I definitely need some crits.

    Version 0.42 RAR (ZIP) (Feb 5, 2010)

    Looks interesting from what you have posted. A few more shots would be useful though.


      Not really much to look at I really need help with the gameflow and stuff.

      Right now there are jump pads from red -> blue base but not the opposite way haha. I was just testing the level. Bot paths are there but the blue bots probably won't ever take the red base because of the lack of jump pads.

      Do you like the idea of jump pads across the water or should i have some other way of doing it? There will be mantas available in the future also so keep that in mind if you're going to play


        I do like the idea of jump pads. I find them to just be fun and useful. I think they add a bit to gameplay compared to lifts. Just my opinion. I would like a top down view, if ya feel like posting.


          Here's a snap from the top view:

          (Yea, I like jumpads a lot too. they're fun . I'm going to put some jump pads in the bases instead of movers I think... we'll see but I'll be putting jump pads on this map for sure) Thanks for the opinion


            I like the rocky scene, mountains & city backdrop. Looks like you did good on that part.

            As far as the jump pads to cross the water give it a try and see if the AI uses it correctly if not you could always make a bridge right?


              What about a node completely underwater?


                No One would really go for it then. If you've ever played WAR-Beachfront online, you know that the underwater Nodes are the least desirable to take just because you are stuck swimming so slowly, unable to dodge. Mostly, only people in vehicles (Scorpions usually because they are fast) will even try for the node and then you have a damaged vehicle....

                IMO, underwater nodes sound cool but will detract from UT's fast-paced gameplay. Just my 2 cents.


                  I'd kind of like to avoid having a bridge if possible but I'll see. If people think a bridge would be better than jump pads + vehicles then maybe but I'll avoid it for now. Or maybe put one in a little less convenient location or something.

                  I don't really want to have an underwater node. I've played beachfront and I found myself ignoring those nodes every time. The only way it would be any fun at all would be if somehow it gave you some advantage for taking. I don't think I'll do it though. I like fast paced (don't jump out of your vehicle over water haha).

                  Today has been incredibly unproductive. I doubt I'll get this thing done by Tuesday but I'll try anyway


                    You could place mini-versions of TankCrossing bridges in to each base. If vehicles are placed in the central island, then when both primes are holded by the same team the bridge that connects central island with attacked team's base.

                    And talking about underwater... how you ever played TwoWorldsBackup2?


                      jump pads are ok i guess.. but i'd love to see more vehicle boosts (like in avalanche) being used in maps. haven't had a chance to play the map yet so i don't know how that might work. i'll post more after i run through it... looks like a nice start though


                        Having bridges that extend might be a cool idea. I'll give it a shot maybe I've never played TwoWorldsBackup2 though. I'll check it out a little later for sure.

                        Vehicle boosts would be awesome too. The problem would be for the goliath. I can't imagine seeing a goliath boosting through the air hahaha ;D I had completely forgot about vehicle boosts though. I look into that also.

                        Thanks for the compliments. Hope it's fun. I hope I can get a new version up soon. (so you can get up on top of the base haha. And maybe even a 2nd base!


                          you can select what vehicles can use the boosts. just enable it for hoverboards or small vehicles. a tank boost would be a bit much.. although i've used them before they're good for a laugh.. you don't see tanks flying through the air everyday


                            hahaha I can't even imagine seeing a tank flying from island to island. We'll see what happens


                              Update finally released. Version 0.45 RAR (ZIP)

                              Description: After a fallingout within the city, two governmental factions attempt to take control of the power supply to the city to seize dominance. There are turbines under the waterfalls powering the cities two power nodes and only one faction will end up in control. Who will it be?

                              - Blocked in the bases.
                              - Added jump pads.
                              - Added bot pathing.
                              - Added vehicles.
                              - Added weapon lockers.
                              - Added bridges from the middle island.

                              This map should now be a little more functional. I think there might be TOO many vehicles though.

                              Let me know what you think (especially about vehicle location/choice and the bridges).

                              Also keep in mind that there will be more cover around the other nodes. Right now they have no cover. It won't stay like that.