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    Name: VCTF-Encapsulated
    Version: 0.9
    Compatibility: 2.1
    Description: Two teams are stuck in a huge chasm, only one will escape, go figure
    Comments: none that come to mind right now

    Credits: me, thats about it
    Homepage: none.

    Snow version and Second Edition Are in development right now

    Umm.. The description on fileplanet appears to be wrong, just ignore it


      file desciption should read: "A massive tourist attraction, this open chasm is sanctuary to lots of wildlife and massive rock cliffs, however, you are stuck in when a rockslide blocked the only entrance in. You were sent in to disable the enemy operations in this area but they set you up and you were trapped in. You can escape, but the enemy respawners are taking up the energy needed to escape."


        I'll check it out see what it's like.


          i would like to have a look at this, but from prior experience i wont load anything, especially not in beta form into UT3/program files


            I don't exactly get what you mean by that


              looks promising. keep at it!


                Originally posted by Thanubis
                For me, good VCTF maps are rare, but I think this one definitely has potential. I'm still uncertain as to whether or not this works as a VCTF or should be downgraded to CTF though. I have found a few problems with it.

                First, there is no Flak Cannon is the weapon locker on the top floor.

                Second, there are invisible walls that block weapon fire in the flag room as well as the spawn rooms.

                Finally, the most critical error in the map is the bot pathing. The bots are getting stuck on the railing at the top of the base, and it can take them over a minute to figure out how to get down. Unless you can get them to find another way down, the railing should be shortened or removed. I can't accurately judge how the map plays when half of my bots are stuck in the base.

                EDIT: After opening the map in the editor, I see that the problem is not the bot pathing. The problem is that bots are retarded when it comes to simple things like jumping over rails. I think the best solution would be to remove the center rail piece and set some path nodes to lead them through the opening.

                BTW, I don't think that gravity volume outside the lower spawn room is necessary, but I don't think it hurts anything by being there either. It just seems a bit weird.

                He's referring to your readme instructions, and he's apparently retarded.

                For the record, MapContent.upk goes in the same location as VCTF-Encapsulated.ut3. Technically, MapContent.upk should not exist because that stuff should be inside your main map package.
                In response to that, the first issue, the flak cannon one, was of my personal choice just to random the weapons up a bit.

                The invisible walls one, well when i was testing i never got that but i'll look into it.

                With the MapContent.upk file, I was going to delete it and migrate the objects but they were cross-referenced to items I had removed and when I saw that I thought, '**** I'm an idiot'

                With the railing one, I noted that and I have actually removed it but I'm going to tune a few more things before I call it a 'tuning'

                And with the gravity volume, I just put that there too give the map a fresh, unique feel to it.

                Also, another problem you haven't stated but I am Aware of Is the minimap, Because of the map's obscure shape, it became Impossible to perfectly tune it.

                Thanks for your contribution.


                  Extra: After going throught the map I see your issue with the invisible walls blocking ONLY instant hit weapons, although I haven't solved it yet


                    Problems solved!

                    So as to speak, I have solved most problems with this map

                    -Removed collision on light cones to fix invisible walls problem
                    -Added rocks where you would be able to see out the map if you scorpion self-destructed
                    -Added BlockingVolumes to stop you from escaping the map if you did a scorpion self-destruct
                    -Removed railing on top of bases so bots don't get stuck
                    -Added BlockingVolumes and ForcedDirVolumes so you cant escape the map
                    -Added Manta
                    -Added Redeemer + Stinger
                    -Fixed Problem where red team bots would leave their vehicles in the same midfield spot everytime
                    -Fixed Problem where blue team bots would be stuck in a trance where they follow a circuit around the base forever
                    -Fixed Problem where blue team bots would enter the nemisis and never move

                    Still existent problems:

                    -Some bots occasionally get stuck and walk around in circles for a while
                    -The blue team bots seem to leave the nemesis in a certain spot in the base for some reason


                      New Version Out!

                      Updates in above post



                        New Screenshots!

                        Screenshots are of new version and with better graphics


                          New Updated version coming soon, just have to review it.

                          -Added a few more trees
                          -Fixed spots where you could see behind rocks
                          -Added a bridge and removed another one so bots can navigate the whole map in tank + nemesis
                          -Fixed steep slope where bots would get stuck
                          -Made red base a little easier to escape
                          -Fixed spot where bots would get hellbender stuck

                          Planned Future Updates:

                          -Adding Raptor or Cicada, don't know which one, I'd like to hear opinions
                          -Fixing any more buggy spots in the teraain