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    Compatibility:2.1 + Titan Expansion
    Description: This water treatment facility is fully automated and functional, and has been left alone and forgotten. Since then it has been converted into an arena-like grounds for destruction.

    Treatment is a small Deck-inspired map. It is fairly open map with a few visual screens. Two switches in the center building control the large pools of water, and when they are toggled the power-ups become that much easier to obtain. Beware though, for these switches can be thrown again to trap greedy players!

    Comments: This map is not done yet. There is still a good amount of polishing to be done. However, the layout is done and bot pathing is supported, so I would like to get feedback mainly on gameplay and layout. You can see the visual style I am going for, however!
    Credits: Same as always, Epic provided the assets, and I did the design.
    Homepage: None yet...
    Download: Filefont:


    Also, I must apologize for the lack of updates on my maps. I am trying to get enough pieces into my portfolio for GDC which is right around the corner in March. But I haven't forgotten and I will get to it when I get to it. Hang in there! Also, I should have a playable version of the map up by sometime tonight, but I just couldn't resist preparing this thread and showing some visuals.

    Update: Download link provided. Have fun!

    If someone could tell me if it's possible to edit the thread's name, that would be awesome because I can't seem to figure it out...


      Screens look promising, - The more time you spend in the editor the better your work looks! i'll give this a run and get back to ya.

      Originally posted by Harsh Criticism View Post
      If someone could tell me if it's possible to edit the thread's name, that would be awesome because I can't seem to figure it out...

      Yeah Thanubis is correct, just go advanced, depending on whether your using Firefox or MSIE they both handle the forum software a little differently. - I've had a bizarre instance where advanced disappeared for me with Firefox, i was able to work around it with MSIE.


        thoses picts are just superb .....DL


          Thanks guys, I appreciate it!


            I have been playtesting and I've found a few things need fixing.

            The UDamage that is supposed to be on top of the tanks in the large room is not spawning. I believe this is because it is not on a valid base.

            This level introduced me into the loveliness that is a ladder volume. I took most of them out and that's why there are so many jump pads. There is a collision problem with one of them sometimes that I will fix, and I will look into alternatives as well.

            With 9 bots the game can get crowded, so I am looking at alternative item placement to shift gameplay around the map.

            Not sure how to get bots to hit switches. Looking into that, if it's possible.

            That's what I've got for now!


              screens look great, the grey on green really works well. Only thing i dont like the look of is the flat bland cieling in the bottom right picture


                Any progress on this map? It was looking good so far.