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DM-Barricade [Beta1/Picts/DL]

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    Hi Blitz !

    I tried your map.
    I haven't played other version of UT except ut2003, so I don't know the original.
    I like quick maps and this one is obviously a nice DM one. So thanks for your work !
    Noticed some texture misalignment, generally on beams and stairs.

    Good work !

    See ya


      @sp4der: thx for testing mate; for the lighting and the details i tryed to keep all like in original (same light points and not to much details adds) but as i told previously i m gonna do a more revamped version with different gameplay; different lighting and more details & adds)

      @molosev: thx for ur encouragements ; i ll try to hunt thoses misalignments
      j aurai bien voulu essayer BR-Thor mais j ai du virer ce mode de manque de place sur mon HD...a nouveau