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DM-Malevolence [v0.9][pics][Beta 4]

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  • DM-Malevolence [v0.9][pics][Beta 4]

    Name: DM-Malevolence
    Version: 0.95
    Compatibility: UT3 Version 2.1 With Titan pack
    Description: A faithful recreation of the UT99 map DM-Malevolence. My favourite DUEL map in the early days
    Comments: See TODO list below for known bugs/issues and future plans
    • Corrected low res green bricks
    • Added preview picture
    • Fixed Floor material below gold belt alignment probs
    • Lit elevator Mesh
    • Added dust cones on the floor lights valve in the flak cannon room.
    • Corrected elevator for bots
    • Changed support under wooden platforms.
    • Changed door meshes in map to LOW_Detail to ensure visibility
    • Corrected accidental static mesh off position
    • Added blocking volume in bio tunnel for lights
    • Added blocking volumes on curved walls
    • Altered pathing to make bots navigate more of the map.
    • Added blocking volume to curve on wall under link platform.
    • Added 60 second delay for ship fly-by.
    • Added blocking volumes to all concave brushes where players frequently collide.
    • Scaled thread plate material to 0.5 to make character feel further off the ground.
    • Added SM Wooden planks to on rap to water tunnel
    • Added SM pipes details under the previously mentioned planks.(Broken pipe to act as water source)
    • Corrected Misaligned textures in Water Tunnel
    • Added underfoot lighting for water tunnel
    • Messed about with UT Billboard (just coz)
    • Added ambient sounds
    • Corrected BSP surfaces to allow Decals to work
    • Added Water emitters
    • Rearranged Tunnel Geometry
    • Added player triggered sounds

    Anglemapper - Troubleshooting
    Rich 'Akuma' Eastwood - Original designer
    Hourences - Tutorials
    McLogenog - Troubleshooting
    Cr4zy - Troubleshooting
    Stevelois - Enforcer Tutorial/feedback
    M^vL - feedback
    Wolfy.Brandon - feedback
    1XTreme - feedback
    Bl!tz~ - feedback
    coolcat22 - feedback
    Zerglings - feedback



  • #2
    Hey looks nice I try it out for ya.


    • #3
      I'm on it!


      • #4
        Kickazz! nice job so far Barballs, glad to see you bringing this one forward.

        I'll post back with some feedback after i have a chance to check this out thoroughly this weekend.


        • #5
          woohoo...another kick ass map !
          thx for yer work


          • #6
            good work at bring this map back
            can you at the ripper too this map is just not the same with out it
            here is ut3 ripper light


            • #7
              Coolcat: I was thinking of doing that. However UT3 has a weapon mutator that is quite good at replacing it.

              What I can do is have the enforcer in the passage way and have the a mutator ini file (if thats possible) configured to replace the enforcer and it's ammo to the ripper.


              • #8
                Ha, awesome. I made a remake for this a while back but it's doesn't look as good. Was my second map so I never uploaded it anywhere. I think you should put the shield belt in the original ripper location instead of a second link gun, since it only takes one dodge to get the bottom one starting at the top. Then you could put the Udamage back in its original place. This is how mine was set up and it seemed to play well on our servers.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Barballs View Post
                  Coolcat: I was thinking of doing that. However UT3 has a weapon mutator that is quite good at replacing it.

                  What I can do is have the enforcer in the passage way and have the a mutator ini file (if thats possible) configured to replace the enforcer and it's ammo to the ripper.
                  that will be great if that bring the ripper back in this map
                  you can cooock the ripper with tha map
                  i dont no how but i see sneh do it many times with hise remakes


                  • #10
                    Just my .02

                    IMO, i wouldn't force anyone to require any additional packages/files/mutators, i think your idea is better Barballs. (leave it as an optional enhancement if anything rather than a forced requirement which could fail under certain circumstances.)

                    The other issue with this (forcing mutators that are not stand alone prefabs) is that it can cause problems for the map when used in the muti-player / server / client environment, - have experienced plenty of this first hand, i run a medium sized network and several UT3 servers for what its worth, just because something works fine locally doesn't mean that its going to work the the same across a network.

                    P.S i can direct anyone to some excellent remakes right here on these forums that have the problem i've described if they'd rather not take my word for it.


                    • #11
                      at the mod too the map download file
                      and readme how too install it


                      • #12
                        I have noticed that it seems you can not have the enforcer as a weapon pickup. So my plan to have it as a replaceable weapon may not work. Either way I'll figure something out.


                        • #13
                          Was looking the WIP thread since you made it but damn, your very quick beta is already here

                          BTW Barballs, adding the Enforcer is very easy, look at my tuts for that on my blog


                          • #14
                            Thanks for that Stevelios I'll have a peek at the site.

                            Well the map had be brushed a while ago So all i had to do was texture lighting and mesh. There's still a bit to go yet


                            • #15
                              Tryed in the early hours of the morning.

                              Nice work mate just the lighting could use work seems not well lit in some places.

                              waiting for beta2