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    Name: DM-Hydro_station_Beta_1a
    Version: Beta_1a
    Compatibility: PC
    Description: Map focusing on Kismet / Matinee
    Video: Instructions - how to play this map:

    My latest map concentrates mainly on dynamic features using Kismet, Matinee and volumes. Please read the comments next to the pictures below to understand the sequences and enjoy the map to its fullest. Little effort has been put into the visuals so far and instead I have concentrated on the dynamic / gameplay features.

    Please give feed back regarding the dynamic aspects. If you are a bot pathing guru I could use some advice! The water features also need to be more interactive, watch for further versions. Other smaller issues I am generally aware of and dont require feedback as this is a beta and unfinished. Finally...Enjoy!

    Central 'Mace' structure contains two redeemers but beware, a trigger will send it plunging into the water below drowning those within!

    Green lights indicate when the central structure is accessible.

    Fast flowing water sweeps combatants away or provides a means of escape.



    One of the triggers can be seen in a control room which activates the central 'Mace' drop.

    Location of two redeemers, trigger to opperate exit from the 'mace', trigger to counter those trying to drop the 'Mace' structure (sets off explosions in both control rooms).


    I suggest to use the command [screenshot][/screenshot] for your pics, just quote my post to copy it

    this pic looks impressive, I'll give it a try as soon as you will put a dl link.


      lol, gosh your quick! Will fix the pics tomorrow, need sleep! :s


        I can't open your zip file, seems corrupt (for me anyway)...


          I have updated the map, its now 1b, the movable weapon pickups were not working but are now.


            I just take a look on it,
            The center structure have a very good visual

            After just run on it alone,
            it's very difficult to know what to do to activate all this's need some advise "poster" to indicate to player what to do.

            The link base have a strange behavior on the top of the mover, I cannot open the map in the Ed so I can't help you to fix that actually (do you have use my method for that?)

            The water need to be adjust and tweak on some places.

            About the DM gameplay,
            I don't really sure it will be good to play on it cause mainly to all this stuffs to activate, even if it seems it's not your goal, it's will be a wast of time to put effort on it if nobody want play it at final...

            About the 4 Redeemers on the map, it will be funny maybe the first time, but after think it will be annoying...

            Don't know where you want to go with that map, I will wait for next version to see.

            Anyway, good kismet use


              Ive put a video on youtube explaining how the map works which is probably necessary to play the map so everyone please check that out! The link is in the first post on this thread.

              The link base is atop the vertical shaft leading to the redeemers. It is on an invisible platform which moves out the way very fast when a pawn is attached. This is the only way I could get bots to go down the shaft, they're not doing it willingly, lol! As I said ive got majour pathing issues such as this one and i'd love it if anyone could suggest solutions to these problems!?!?

              Ive mentioned already that the water needs to, and will be improved on future versions.

              Are you saying the gameplay is bad due to the complicated interactive features? I think once you watch the video in the top post you'll understand how it works better. These features are not necessary to win the match, they're just a bit of fun, an alternative "unusual" way to kill the enemy. I just wanted to do something a bit different.

              At the moment the redeemers dont actually cause that much havoc. The bots collect all 4 straight away but are only given one to fire. Also most of the time if you are vigilant you can find cover and avoid death( it still knocks you over though which is funny! ).

              Sebastien, once the bot pathing has been corrected it'll work really well, trust me! The whole structure of the map will probably change as I think things are too spread out at the moment, this version is really just to demonstrate the kismet mechanics, the final version is gonna be really fun!