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Thunder Ravine Beta

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    Thunder Ravine Beta

    Name:Thunder Ravine
    Version:Beta v1.0
    Compatibility:Titan Pack
    Description:Battle for the flag high in the alpine wilderness.
    Comments: Been along time coming
    Download:Thunder Ravine Beta

    Known Bugs
    Some of the terrain does not meet the cliffs correctly.
    You can see some holes in the caves when in raptor.
    Bridges over the river look ugly (working textures)
    No bot support as of yet.

    Map Features
    Custom cave meshes
    Custom Cliffs
    Custom building ruins
    Custom ground textures
    Custom Lifts
    Crazy Flag Capture Event! (just have to play it to see)

    Well it's been a very long time for me since i have posted a map on here. Been pretty busy with college and all that stuff. This will most likely be the last map I will be creating for UT3. As I am moving on to using the UDK due to its more advanced features.

    I will be totally polishing off this level within the next few weeks. Look forward to the community feedback!

    No PS3 version at this time.

    Man, there0's something I must endorse you for: The first time I played this map, and I don't know why, exactly, the bloom and ilumination gived me a real sese of deep! Great!

    Apart from that, maybe add little bridges for infantry and light vehicles.