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DM-SpiritedAway (Beta3 update!, Pics and Download) feedback welcomed

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    Ok give me time to test night monday


      Hey mate im trying downloading your map at mediafire but for any reason i cant , i will await for a while so i download again


        Originally posted by DarkSonny07 View Post
        Hey mate im trying downloading your map at mediafire but for any reason i cant , i will await for a while so i download again
        Seems to work for me, I may have been uploading my new TF2 map at the time or something.

        Thanks for downloading and I look forward to your feedback.



          I forgot the usb stick drive in my home with some photos abiut this map, now i am taking the chance while in friend's house. If can recall well...I played this map 6 times, every time i play your map I discover new passages from below part of the floor as the outdoor limit side Is big XD

          It would be more descriptive with pics in my usb it could help a lot for you..Anyway I will try to remember what I've seen:

          Feedback for you
          Positive things:
          1) lighting is very acceptable
          2) meshing + picking theme deco ( asian i see ) is very good the use of this overused theme you have done, it seems a bit "different" XD.
          3) Overall item + weapon placements is fine not too away from your oponents nor too near each item or weapon each others.

          Negative things:
          1- This map is too big and it plays against the scale and size logic, target for the DM gametype, I dont miss in finding weapons with different items but is very hard to find some enemy at eyesight. If you set the map to 4 players this map goes too "Big" but if you set to for example, 10 players this map is making too "less" big XD rare isn't? XD
          2- The z-axis there is a lot of them, which is a good idea, but isn't well connected to get furious and direct vertical or horizontal combats against bots or player. Usually in pure DM an good map does have "usually" good connection z-axis or areas, plus good item-weapons placement and size /scale. Even if you set this map to TDM would have been chaotic due to sometimes or not confusing paths.

          My suggestion is by judgin the map size and the many routes to walk -i talk to you humbly, is your map anyaway XD- this map fits well ( with some adjuments logically ) with ctf gametype ( the base where the raptor lies near to a circle corridor would be a perfect place to place instead the raptor, the flag and put 2 minibases each others with the asian building in middle with their paths asthe battle center zone between red-blue factions ).

          3- Raptor, the ball machine with legs ( cant remember the name XD ) and the redeemer: The raptor? Well in a DM map is with the poor space extension, is a powerful weapon it can ditch easily enemies XD gettng in this result to an umbalanced combat. Same for the redentor its powerfull agaisnt raptor but hard to use at outside and inside building and too near the raptor i could not get that sexy weapon without raptor killing me XD.
          Redentor unless the map is too big from inside and too open from outside may balance a bit the match ( thinking in not too pro players XD ), but in this map doesn't work well.
          In other word, usually dm with vehicles doesnt work well.

          I cant remember well more things but at least I wrote the most important things. I hope this helps you in some way for finishing this map



            Any news about a final version?