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CTF-Nightmare beta 2 [11/10] [PS3 cook when final]

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    CTF-Nightmare beta 2 [11/10] [PS3 cook when final]

    Name: Nightmare

    Version: 1.2 beta

    Compatibility: UT3, titan pack not needed

    Description: A spooky (hopefully) map for halloween. You are in a nightmare, you must escape by capturing the FlAgS. A gears of war inspired map.

    Comments: I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did making it. Please let me know of any glitches / bugs / etc. Post processing can be overkill when you have the beserk. I tried to find the right combo of lighting / Post Processing to work with a dark theme. Let me know if the players are bright enough to see and distinguish between red / blue.

    Fixed in beta 2: Pretty much everything in post #10. Please re-download the file.






    Credits: Epic games, me, UXLoki


    Download for PC:

    Looks awesome...dling now


      Tried it twice.... both times it crashed the game at the loading screen... just when you think it's finished loading and you are about to start playing... it crashes....
      ... I dunno, maybe I don't have something installed or something... the only thing my UT3 has is patch 2.1.... no titan pack, etc, nothing else.... I don't really play too much on PC because my keyboard and mouse skills are bush. I'm better with a PS3... plus my PS3 is on a big HDTV, hooked up to a 7.1 HDMI amp... with about $7,000 worth of speakers (at least when everything was new).... my 10" sub really isn't even necessary for bass in any way because my front speakers are Klipsch concert speakers and each one has a 15" sub in it... plus I usually play unreal splitscreen with friends... So for me, choice is obvious... sit in front of computer monitor with my 2 dinky computer speakers and struggle through the controls, or on my couch, with controls I'm comfortable with and every explosion rumbles the floor...
      ... so that should tell you how much I wanted to try this map... I only have one custom map installed on my PC version, this would have been #2....
      Let me know if you get it fixed up.... or maybe I'll just wait for the PS3 version...

      Anyway, hope you figure it out...


        Don't know what the problem could be mate...


          Ok, the map loads fine.

          However, it is barely playable. I can hardly see anything and the contrast is horrible.

          Also, the rain is too fast, change it's panner settings.

          I almost forgot, I dont think you should use Weapon Lockers.

          I could also with the help of Translocator get to places outside the map. Blocking volumes are needed!

          And here I can't get any further cause of an invisible wall. I can see why you're not supposed to get further here but in that case you should have a real wall there.

          Other than that. If you fix the PP settings, I can imagine that this map would be fun to play.


            this is why I friggin hate UT3 on PC.... Sooo many problems and issues and you need to post help threads every 2 seconds to figure out whu this or that isn't working.....
            Screw this...... let me know when there's a PS3 version done, I'm freakin' about had it with the PC version and the frontend not opening and now the freakin' editor won't open either.... How does this happen in a matter of days on a fresh computer just by playing a couple games and trying to install a custom map that seems to work for other people.......

            ....Someone here please explain to me again how PC gaming is soo awesome and this game is soo good on PC and soo **** on PS3......Someone please explain this to me again... I need the laugh right now.... come on, praise the PC and dump on PS3 people!!! I'm soo frustrated.

            P.S. I'm not blaming my UT3 problems on your map, just ****** that it seems to work for others and my whole **** UT3 won't work...

            I'll be on my PS3, playing CBP3/4 domination or Jailbreak or something... almost all the stuff I like is on PS3 anyhow.... hopefully this will to, because I have like 5 of your maps in my everyday map cycle.


              u re not alone stromboli m8...cant tell how many times it have crash here :the ed and not the game; the game and not the ed...or both....with each time a complete reinstall

              though with a clean backup a complete reinstall take 15 minutes maxi depending of ur pc....
              ....not really fun but if u still playing/mapping/installing UT3 after all thoses crashes it s probably that u are UT adict... haha^^
              gl for install n°4578...

              ...i admit....i m a bit scared to try the map.....


                ^^^I doubt it's the map..... probably just my luck... The Lord has been beating my face in for years

                I've had PS3 version since release day (the guy thought I was nuts when I rushed in there asking if they still had copies left... I thought the game was gonna sell really really fast... the guy was basically laughing at me since he had a stack and I was the first one)... I've had the PC version for an incredibly short time comparitively, and I've reinstalled it 4 times already... going on's wiped off the computer as we speak. Frontend never did open... not even once... ever. And since I bought the PC version just so I could make a map to play on PS3... without frontend.... well it certainly seems like I totally wasted my money on this version of the game on on upgrading my RAM to 2GBs just for this game.

                But I've derailed this thread enough...


                  Well, I did put blocking volumes, and sorry that you hate the contrast, I played with it for over a week and found this works best for me, I myself can see the world just fine. Maybe this map would be better as a daytime one? I'm not sure.



                    i just have try ur map and it s very original settings on lighting ;contrasts and visuals
                    it s a nice try on the "art" side and i like it visually but it s more hard to play :
                    -it s hard to see any kind of color (weapons;bases;opponents & ammos)
                    -its hard to see the way u have to use
                    - add to the berzek one the blurry effect was really too much( and other point it was hard to know if it was berzek or invicibilty ( i was missing colors...)....i havent try it with titan but the result is probably same way(titan blurry effect on view)
                    -after some minutes it hurt eyes and make them tired( ... perhaps my too old eyes)

                    bots get stuck in thoses roots:

                    all around the map i was abble to walk in the vegetals:

                    here s a odd visual glitch:

                    here i was stuck between rocks:

                    "original" use of that mesh but perhaps u can hide the lifebuoy because it dont make any sence:

                    as said previously the end of the map with an invisible wall is frustrating and dont looks right:

                    thx for ur work and for that map


                      Thanks blitz. I will work on it soon. I've been computerless for a while lol but now I have my baby back and it's a Core i7

                      I couldn't find the odd graphics glitch you pointed out, and I can't do much about the beserk giving you an intense post processing effect. I guess I'll get rid of the blocking volume or put an actual wall there.


                        My largest problem I found was the rain is too fast. between the contrast and rain I can't find anything for me there. It's fairly hard to see and load time seems surprisingly long. (it could just be my computer)

                        Besides those faults, This is a very unique map. Can't wait for final.


                          I'll attempt to slow the rain down


                            Beta 2 uploaded