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    Moved To Final Release.

    download it now give feedback later


      Weapons lockers ONLY at secondaries isles.

      About the castle... The first team that can infige certain amuont of damage to it recieves a redeemer at his base?




          Nice I try this out after it's downloaded and report back.


            About the castle...
            The center island.

            Anyway my feedback not looking to good for the AI But the layout is excellent.

            I'm going to post them in number format:

            1. Bots use water pathing to much and in some cases got stuck near the shore like it was an invisble wall.

            2. Bots driving Scorpion go into the water to cross.

            3. Bots driving Goliath get stuck on bridges and can't move.

            AI Path all over the place maybe they could use the island more then the water. (Just a sugestion)

            Screenshots of some graphical effect problems I found.

            About weapons placements maybe place on first Islands from the each base a Sniper (Gryhon sniper-Rifle) and a Stinger minigun (Trident Machingun).

            Other people might have better ideas so.....

            One more thing I notice a big drop in fps near the red base down to 25 fps yellow.

            Thats all hope this help you diesalot.


              Exellent feedback my man.

              1. Im not sure that i can get the bots to stay on land and not water. We dont have the different pathnodes anymore.

              2. See above.

              3.I know . This i have to fix in the war version. I will probably make the bridges wider.

              4.I could cut the forced paths out and make the bots stay on land. All the paths across are basically forced.

              Im not sure of the graphic error for the turrets.

              I have no idea to a drop in FPS. Both bases should be pretty much the same.
              I will check for red stuff in editor.

              Thanks mate very helpfull, any other stuff please let me know.


                Beta 02 uploaded. Link added to first post.

                This has the bot paths fixed. Bots will mainly stay on land apart from required paths to center island etc.
                Bridges are wider to assist bots.
                I still dont know whats up with the turret graphics.
                I checked in the editor and see no reason for a framerate drop anywhere on the map. The only thing showing red are the trees, probably due to the material movement.


                  Thanks Diesalot for that I'll try beta2 now.


                    Good and Bad feedback but I have incressed my help for ya including a better screen.

                    I've watch where the bots go and have made the colour areas so you understand better

                    Link to see at larger size.

                    Blue paths nodes I'm gussing here.

                    Red Paths nodes used now Golith and Scorpain still use seeing them in the water crossing very fast.

                    Brown center Island path nodes zone.

                    Red has all bots crossing seeing them swim don't worry me just the vehicles.

                    Alot of the bots seem to like guarding the flag.
                    I couldn't get close to get flag this was on easy AI seem very tough for some reason.

                    But I'm Happy to see wider bridges and the bot using them more


                      I guess if i can get rid of the red areas it should be good. Thanks for that feedback mate. Very helpfull.


                        Yep thats the only areas I see problems in.


                          Beta 03 uploaded. Link on the first page updated.
                          Bot paths fixed. Thanks zerglings mate.
                          Redeemers added to the small islands near each base.
                          Some terrain materials fixed.
                          Extra color on the walls at each base.

                          I think for final release i will use minigun or rocket turrets at the bases. This should get rid of the problems im having with the turret effects.


                            I'm just wondering if you are releasing the same map only with CTF bases and removing the nodes 'n cores. It's because I think there is an option in Properties to make the map available for other gametypes. This way Island Hop lovers wouldn't need to download two files...


                              The shock turrets have had effect issues from the launch of this game. Would you be willing to give me the uncooked map so I can edit it for our server? We have several different types of vehicles and vehicle camo patterns that have to be placed into the map manually. I also have an anti-air turret that would be perfect for this size of map.
                              Feel free to use it just make sure you package the file with the map. You also need to have the AntiAirTurret.u in your Published/Script and your Unpublished/Script folders for the map to cook properly.