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DM-NewWorld Cool sci-fi, action, city map with vehicles. [3rd beta 10/20/09]

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    DM-NewWorld Cool sci-fi, action, city map with vehicles. [3rd beta 10/20/09]

    Name:New World

    Version:3rd Beta

    Compatibility:PC and PS3

    Description:My Brother was inspired by certain sci-fi action movies and games like The Fifth Element, Mass Effect, Robocop, and Final Fantasy. During the process of creating the city we felt like something was missing. After playing the map Heat Ray, we said, "That's what we need. Vehicles." In the end we made an awesome map that's tons of fun. Maxed out at 16 players on PS3 and 32 players on PC.

    Comments: Here is an awesome video of the gameplay.


    Credits: DirectX7



    Steam/UT3 Black Kernel32 Issue Report

    Ok, installed the map in the right folders according to the readme file. However, when setting up the game it loaded the screen says loading then crashes. NOt once but twice after a clean boot. I have enclosed the two reports on the issue. Hopefully it wil shed some light on why I cannot play such a fine looking map?
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      Whats up dude. This map does work on PC and PS3 fine. My brother and I had problems playing on PS3 at first, but we did get it to work perfectly. We never had a problem with the PC version. But I do want to make this map work for you as well. However, I am having a hard time loading your log. I tried loading it from the editor with no luck. It says the file is missing information. Is there another program that I can load it up with? Also, what are the specs for your PC? This is what I am running.

      Intel Pentium Dual E2160 1.8Ghz
      2 GB RAM
      Nvidia Geforce 8400 gs 512 MB


        I'll download and test beta2 of this map.


          Well the maps is a good size every thing is on an in the right place just a few things I found.

          The water going down side of the wall and on the other one have no sounds is this something you are going to fix.

          In this screenshot the building and some of the roads have flash effect mostly likely the textures overlaping.

          Fell through here and I think the other one is the same as well.

          Thats it hope this help in beta3 mate.


            tried PS3 version and I had a lot of fun with 16 man battle... I really actually enjoyed it with vehicles and I normally mutate vehicles out of maps before I play so that's saying something... bad side... a lot of collision problems, falling thru meshes, warp portals that don't take you anywhere... I can shoot a vid pointing out trouble spots if u like... Anyways, a couple fixes and you'll have one fantastically fun map on your hands


              Ok gang, who wants to test the map with me on the new install of Win 7 Ultimate and steam? I spent all nite instaling and getting steam installed and updated.


                I'm getting win 7 but don't need steam I've got the original box of UT3.


                  Hey guys. Sorry I am taking a while to fix the map. Having problems with the PS3 version but making progress. Also working on two other projects right now. Will get the fixed map up soon as possible. However, I really appreciate the awesome feedback.


                    What's up everyone. The new beta is up. Let me know of any more problems.


                      Testing beta3 If I find anything I'll report.