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CTF-GreenGiant-Beta8 [!CTF-LavaGiant Remake!][Pics][Download][Update 11-18-09]

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    CTF-GreenGiant-Beta8 [!CTF-LavaGiant Remake!][Pics][Download][Update 11-18-09]



    Compatibility:Patch 2.1, Titan Pack

    Description:This island is the scene of the famous Miner revolt serveral years ago. When the miners got an unfair cut of the crystrals they have found, The miners rebel against the corpration that was running the mining. Even Today it is unclear who got control of the island.

    Comments:This is a remake of many people's favorite UT99 map...CTF-LavaGiant...
    This is the Eighth Beta report any bugs or things that don't feel right in this thread


    Changes in Beta 8
    -Made some changes with the lights, further increasing performance
    -Fix the ocean flicker
    -some terrain changes
    -a few minor changes

    Changes in Beta 7
    Note: this beta is meant to fix any immediate problems
    -Optimizing more of the level, further increasing performance
    -A couple of minor changes

    Changes in Beta 6
    -Did terrain and level optimizing, increasing performance
    -A lot of minor to mid-minor changes

    Changes in Beta 5
    -Made it so you can get on the big rock wall in the middle (I will NOT fix the collision, that will be a pain in the ***, and your not really suppose to be on the thing)
    -A bunch of minor changes

    Changes in Beta 4
    -Removed the alarm light in the lower floor
    -Tone down the fog
    -Change the color of the crystals in the cave to an orange and yellow color
    -A bunch of terrain changes and other minor changes

    Changes in Beta 3
    -Change the color of the fog to a more reasonable setting
    -Fixed the water being a funny color
    -Bots now use the lower floor(somethings)
    -A bunch of minor changes that make the map more real

    Changes in Beta 2
    -Change the time of day from day to dawn (note this is an experiment don't except it to be in the final or even the next beta)
    -Change the grass on the ground to a different grass
    -Made some terrain changes
    -Made the crystals in the cave more "shiny"
    -Made some way to tell the player which base he is going to
    -Now compatible with Titan Pack
    -Some other mirror changes

    The Remake - Me
    The Original Map - Epic Games


    Remember, Ho Ho Ho, Green Giant!

    Very interesting adaptation

    The map will be added to my dedicated CTF thread after this post.

    Will try to find some time to test it this week.

    But, it's looking very well made & particular at first sight


      Screenshots look good I do some testing on this map.


        thx for the remake it look really good
        i will test the stuff out this map


          LavaGiant was one of my favorite UT maps. These screenshots look like you really did the map justice; I'm looking forward to testing it out. I just hope it's well-optimized, because I have a very low-end PC...

          Oh, and I get the Ho ho ho reference


            I love lavagiant, gonna have to try this one out tonight!

            Have some feedback before playing it though, first off. I think you should get another material for the skydome. There are some here I think would look good in your map Secondly, the crystals in the cave doesn't look good, I'd probably go with a different color and edit the material so they are abit more shiny.

            Will give you more feedback later tonight!


              Ok I played it and I have some more comments.

              The walkway mesh to the left in this picture would not be able to stay there if the laws of gravity applied to it. Also, the grass in the middle of the picture has a really odd color when looked at from a distance, however when you get closer to the grass mesh the color suddenly turns better. Finally, the water down there doesn't go well against the cliffs, there are some water materials that automatically lowers it's opacity when it hits walls.

              The flare here that rotates looks really really bad. You should probably use a mesh for this instead.

              Some terrain issues here, you should also add a rock material to the terrain for a smooth transition from terrain -> rock mesh. Also worth mentioning, the rock texture looks very good from a distance, but as you get closer it looks really bad.

              Overall, I think both the red and the blue base could look much better, first of you're using some really bright red lights here but the surrounding area is hardly affected by the bright red color.

              This just looks unfinished and I imagine you're gonna change it for a future beta version.

              Finally, you're using a flare as sun, don't do this. Instead use a different skydome material that already has a sun and remove the flare.

              And like I said before, the purple light @ redeemer room is too much, I'd probably change it to orange and like I also said, add more brightness to the material of the crystal.

              Overall, it's a nice remake but there are plenty of things to do for the map to reach its full potential.


                Tried the map and it has alot of ptoential. After reading Thralla post i wuld definately agree with the textrures on the trerrain (they look really bland in some areas) and the more detail in the bases. however this is a beta and it looks really promising. The layout is great and it does look like you have done the map justice.


                  I would agree with Tharalla, the skydome not bad that flare is typical of sunny days or semi-sunny days. That skydome set it seem like is just over to rain, I would get off that flae and put some fog distance there is not many transition distance into the shapes that is missing along horizon.

                  The grass, is fine but is needed more work is oddly missaligned or isn't adapter to the terrain fisically, appears slightly floating upon floor.

                  The rocks; That bigs rocks and vegetation that divide both ctf bases is very well done and creible, but as said Tharalla some places appears like you have cut and paste an photo from another place ( with their set lighting and terrain ) to another that doens't fit well to the atmosphere.

                  Suggestion inside the great wall rocks that divides bases sometimes got confused walking to ( depends what are you doing at) my base or at enemy base there isn't any arrow or something ( original if you want xd ) where are you going to ( red color or blue depends too). Suggest put any kind of referral to get the way in some way ( arrow for example )

                  Suggestion2: Same as suggestion 1, for the walkways in those many routes.

                  Beside that, this map may have a lot of potencial. I hope you finish when is done ( take your time ), I like that semi rain style or autum or cold style with those grass and rocks xd xd

                  As said follow Tharalla suggestion and keep mapping dude!


                    Beta 2

                    Beta 2 is out!!!

                    Changes in Beta 2
                    -Change the time of day from day to dawn(note this is an experiment don't except it to be in the final or even the next beta
                    -Change the grass on the ground to a different grass
                    -Made some terrain changes
                    -Made the crystals in the cave more "shiny"
                    -Made some way to tell the player with base he is going to
                    -Now compatible with Titan Pack
                    -Some other mirror changes


                      Didn't get a chance to check beta1 I try this time.


                        Few problems I will include one screenshot.

                        1. AI act dumb for some reason I don't know if anyone else has notice they seem to like using the translocators alot. Got stuck under the bridge

                        **** stupid writing.

                        2.Bot don't use lower floor of map.

                        3 Blurry looking foreground I couldn't not see where the bots were firing from till I got close.

                        Overall the lay out is good.



                          file photos:

                          I dont know how to post screenscaps for your map, so i attach for you an zip file with 7 photos called feedbak1 to 7:

                          In photo "feedback1" you will see an part ( of many places from this map in shadowed side part not enlightened by the sun) where is located an kind of fogg ( coloured with orangish tone. That colour doenst fit if is in a part with shadows, I think it must be like weak and whiteish colour fogg. This issue you can locate in many places ONLY from shadow part .

                          In photo "feedback2" is referred to the absence of any kind ( for the sea settings you've done for this map ) of little tides when water is crashing against rocks.

                          In photo "feedback3" I think you misunderstood XD when i was talking about the fogg. See this photo is signed with yellow colour the zone where must be any kind of fogg ( the more distance get your view to that mountains or so, more less defined is those shapes, less original colours will have. It depends how is log the distance for that mountain, for you map, if the skydome is orange and slighty violet. That mountains would be more slighty blueish and reddish depends the distance, the more distance less it wiil see the shapes and less colour. All without mixing completely that lines ( heaven and earth).

                          In photo "feedback4" I see an rare effect in the see when the sun is zoned in front you, behind those rocks I cant see any kind of soft shadows or so ( at that lightsun settings the shadows is not very strong because there is not enought lights ( In reallife this dawn is ok ), I find weird dunno ....See Hourence tutorials maybe that info helps to you:


                          In photo "feedback5" You will see and odd shape in that skydome is not perfectly mixed, is like there isn't transition in that weak orange lights and blueish sky. It Must have more smooth ...

                          Photo "feedback6" If go to any walkways around your map, the colour and material reflection water is not very realistic. there is a lot of diffuse shadows in all the environment ( kinda the sunlight doesn't reach 100% to inside walkways is a bit dark) the water and their reflection would be slightly more darken and the reflection a bit very slightly ( because there is not many lights) "metallic" shine from the sky.

                          And the last pic "feedback7" it shows issue with floating meshes ( stones). I saw in the prior walkways some big and mediums stones are very poligonized ( like those in ut2k4), doesnt seems realistic.

                          Take all your time with this map, maybe this map isn't original in creative perspective but it looks a different map visually if you compare to the original lavagiant ( Is an classic and old great map but is good to see an fresh and "new" version from this map, Im was a bit tired of remakes with same old textures from ut directly) Keep mapping dude!


                            Originally posted by Zerglings View Post
                            2.Bot don't use lower floor of map.
                            I'm not completely sure how to get the bots to use the lower floor when their not chasing someone, if you have any ideas please let me know


                              I hope you don't change the dawn skybox cause that skybox was much better then the one used in beta 1.