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    CTF map want feedback

    Name:Unnamed so far
    Description:I wanted to make a small CTF-map, with the theme "jungle", this however is not yet complete, I wanted the blue side to be a "computer-jungle" and the other side a more regular jungle, but this is far from done.
    Comments:I would like to know if something is really bad, placements, something that dosen't work and so on, all feedback is appreciated

    I seriously doubt you'll get any feedback without showing any screenshots.


      I'll add some right away!


        If i have time and my memory works for longer than 5min, I will check this map at home.

        Anyway some feedback from pictures:

        add lights, even now, you will get more into mode/style of map. Great lighting tutorial: I would suggest orange/blue combination, do not follow too much that blue side needs to be all in blue lights, your map has asymmetrical decorations, that should be enough.

        Do not abuse single mesh, for now work on small spots. Take small part of wall/room and finish meshing it with some style. First find out how your level supposed to look, then fill up gaps in meshing.


          Thank you for the feedback!
          I will read the tutorial then add some light

          That sounds lika a smart move, I'm having problems finding meshes that fits my enviroment, and my skills in maya and max is extremely limited. So any thoughts would help!

          Thanks again!


            My memory served me well, and I have some time.

            This is tiny map, would be small for DM duel, make it bigger. Do not hurry with it, and do not be lazy, you are making map because it is your hobby so embrace its creation, do quality stuff, do not get shortcuts. I am witting this because i see you did copy/paste sections of walls. Instead make nice looking fragments of walls then place them in level, but not single one all over half of level. Best source of inspiration are other maps that use same meshes/style, so look into epic made or in custom maps. Open them in editor and look for spots you like and how they are done.

            More technical stuff:

            - good you are starting with additive world, but your way of working with csg/bps will lead to hom errors. At some point you misalign one of those thin walls. Create bigger boxes then carve rooms/holes inside with substractive CSG.
            - map has very simple layout and its tiny. Work more with CSG until you get bigger map or at least a bit more complicated layout. It is hard to make so tiny ctf map that is fun, go for bigger that is easier to make. And will give you more fun with mapping.
            - start thinking about how you do your skybox, its best time now to plan where you put holes/ remove walls so player can have peek outside. If you removed most of walls and filled up holes with some nice skybox, this map would look better instantly. Well you can even look for map that has skybox you like and copy/paste all skybox actors into your map. It will give you feel of map and then you can tweak it or replace when playable area is finished.


              Thank you for the really good feedback!

              I will make it bigger and redo the walls and design, I have little time this week, but next week I will begin editing again, so hopefully I can try your tips!

              I like the idea of subtracting in the additive bsp, really looking forward in trying that!

              thanks again, i appreciate you taking the time!