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CTF-Sola Gratia (Updated on 7-18-10 to Alpha 7)

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    CTF-Sola Gratia (Updated on 7-18-10 to Alpha 7)

    Name:CTF-Sola Gratia Alpha
    Version:Alpha 6
    Compatibility:All (should be)
    Description:Sola Gratia(Grace Alone) is the 3rd in my series named after the 5 solas of the reformation right behind Sola Scriptura(Scripture Alone) and Soli Deo Gloria(To the Glory of God alone). There is a beta of it avalible for Halo but this is the CTF version for Unreal 3.
    Comments:This alpha test is purely for gameplay. I was never able to get a good test on the halo version but my testing with bots have been very helpful in UT3. It is important to note that ALL of the visuals are temporary. Currently it's a direct port from the halo version and only a small portion of it is even textured. So please bare that in mind when viewing this.

    Credits:Me & Epic.
    Download:PC Only for now(Updated to Alpha 7)

    Well I add this to the CTF list I be following this looks interesting.


      Here's a couple shots from max to give you an idea of what the final visuals will look like.


        Seems I'm the only one here thanks for pics.


          i'll be waiting to see more on this one. keep at it!


            Like the looks of this one. Will watch for beta.


              Thanks for the interest.
              Yall have any comments on the gameplay so far?
              I tried to spread out the ammo and items to the sides to draw players around.
              I'm pretty uncertain of the udamage in the center but I can't think of anything else that would be suitable.


                The map sound very promising,

                I don't have the time to play it now but I dwn the file & will try to play with it this w-e.

                I'll focus on flow / gameplay since it's what you ask for this release.


                  Did a quick run on it,

                  It's very hard to orient yourself at this stage since everything look the same.

                  What I can say is :

                  Make all areas worthy, meaning that placing to much items everywhere is as bad as not putting enough of them.

                  This is a small CTF & the use of translocator is almost none (except to defend the flag where the tights are) so you don't need 3 flak, 2 shock, 2 rocket launcher, etc on both side of the map. Also, most of the corridors are tights so it is more appropriate to use close weapons like flack - bio & dual enforcer for the corridors & shock - stinger - link for the few open areas you have.

                  You put weapons close to walls, this isn't very good for flow since the player vision is blocked at a certain degree because he must look toward the pickup so he don't 100% see what is going on his side. There is to much items to close of each other.

                  Some very slim suggestions that I can make is like this :

                  - Move the flak from his actual spot into the corridor junction there.
                  - Move the medium health in the side where the flack is located or move it instead of the vials.
                  - Remove the stinger & put it more in the middle of the map.

                  The idea is to place the weapon in the way BUT place the ammo / health aside. The priority is to grab a weapon, after to pickup ammo & health if needed but it is fun to place health in a place where you can predict the player movement so you can kill it from far away. If you put all stuff in the middle of the corridor, it's not good for gameplay because the player is running in the middle & collect everything & the one behind him (specially if your following the guy that as grab your flag) as nothing to collect, so you run out of ammo & if he shoot at you you also run out of health. It make gameplay quite boring.


                  The only weapon I do think fits the spot is the rocket launcher. So except that weapon, personally, I would delete all pickups, place only 1 of each with 1 ammo pickup.

                  If your willing to send me the uncoocked files, I can give you a hand on pickup placement


                    That is very helpful, thanks so much.
                    I think I understand what you're saying, I'll play around with those ideas next chance I get.

                    If you think the layout feels good and the only thing that needs changing is the item placement then I can go ahead and press foward with the more detailed version. Each hallway will be visually distinct so that should help with orientation plus I plan to have arrows and color schemes to help guide the player.


                      Looking good, I'll DL the beta when you get there.


                        OK, I've made some changes to the weapon placment.
                        see the image HERE.
                        The stinger is on the lower level in the same room with the vest.
                        the shock is on the lower level and the medium health is still on that bridge.
                        I did move the medium health to where the flac was.
                        There are still alot of flac, I plan to remove the two with the X's on them but I'm not sure whether to put a different weapon there or just to have nothing there.

                        So... does that make sense?


                          Looking at the new pic, I'll say :

                          - Move the rocket a bit further, in the middle of the junction.
                          - At the other side, instead of the shock, put a small armor (tights / helmet)
                          - Put the shock instead of the flak, the one in front of the flag.
                          - The flack you put on "X" on it, leave the flak there. It is always suggested, no to place the Flack & the Rocket near eachother since it's the 2 most powerful weapons in the game. There are exceptions but it is more appropriate for your layout to place them far away.
                          - The flack you didn't put on "X" on it, place the bio there.
                          - Replace the stinger by the Enforcer. This weapon is useless in this layout.
                          - The link spot is ok but if you get rid of the stinger & don't want to replace it by the Enforcer, move the link closer to the middle so you will have a weapon near the center of the map.
                          - The stinger spot is the last one, depending what you want to do about the last suggestion, I would place the vest there.

                          Hope it help for the weapons. As for the rest (health & ammos) it depends what you will decide to do about those suggestions


                            When you say put the bio on the X, do you mean removing it from the other position? or leaving two?


                              Originally posted by danjw_net View Post
                              When you say put the bio on the X, do you mean removing it from the other position? or leaving two?

                              The goal is to have all weapons in the most appriate spot making it useful & worthy