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Angels Fall First: Planetstorm RC5-Beta

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    Angels Fall First: Planetstorm RC5-Beta

    Finally. After much tweakage and sleepless nights, we're ready to release an enhanced version of the MSUC Phase 4 release of Planetstorm. Once again, we apologize for the delay, but certain bugs just had to be fixed.

    The good news is it's here. And we've put the time spent fixing into adding new features as well. In addition to the core gameplay improvements, here are some of the things to expect for this release:
    • Our old capital ship models have been replaced completely with gloriously detailed new versions. Named after some of our loyal Saturday Smackdown Express players, a big thanks to the bunch.
    • Two new space maps, AFF-Kerrat - set in orbit around a dying sun; and AFF-Ixion, which features the Halifax station, the site of the Crowning Day Massacre. As well as streamlined and reworked versions of the previous maps AFF-Meudeverre, the Sea of Ice and home of the hidden Antarean outpost Aquila 9; and AFF-Errah, a surface assault on the mining and production facilities of an Antarean-occupied desert planet.
    • Improvements to vehicle handling and weapons. All vehicles now have different camera modes for easier steering and aiming. Surface vehicles via the mousewheel, and spaceships via a new 'changecamera' keybind.
    • Improvements to infantry weapons. The sidearm is now always available, the amount of ammunition you can carry has been increased, all weapons are now visible in first person, and the amount of movement sway reduced to more realistic levels.
    • Added pregame briefing screens with objectives and a few gameplay tips
    • Two brand new character models with more to come.
    • Squad order command via the 'command menu' keybind (Default 'V'). Press to bring up marker, press a second time for context-sensitive actions. Recall your squad with the 'followme' keybind.
    We are also glad to welcome aboard Xyx from the XS Harpy UT3 Mutator team, who in a span of a few days have already started to bring the surface vehicles closer to what they are meant to be in their final form. As usual, big props to the AFF team. A more detailed changelog can be viewed in the readme file included in the release.

    SCREENSHOT GALLERY(click on the thumbnails to view in full resolution)




    Planetstorm Wallpaper
    Courtesy of Stranj. Click on the provided links for a full resolution poster size wallpaper.

    1. If installing to the same location as a previous version of Planetstorm, delete all the contents of the directory first or run the uninstaller.
    2. Ensure UT3 is patched to version 2.1 (Steam installs will have done this automatically unless specified otherwise)
    3. Run the AFF:Planetstorm Installer EXE
    4. You will be asked to locate your install of UT3.
    5. The installer also supports Steam installations of UT3, so if you have your UT3 on Steam, select this option - default locations are provided.
    6. You will then be asked where you would like to install the AFF:Planetstorm Mod, default is C:/Program Files/AFFPlanetstorm/. Select a location and hit Next. DO NOT install the mod in UT3's install directory. On Vista it is recommended to NOT install Planetstorm in the suggested Program Files location unless user is Administrator and has UAC disabled.
    7. The installer will now install AFF:Planetstorm and create shortcuts for the game and the editor.
    8. If you are having problems with the installation, don't hesitate to ask us in our Forums.
    We also invite you to join us online in our official servers donated by CozmicShredder. We have a regular playnight every Saturday at 7 PM GMT, but you're free to join in anytime.

    Server IP:
    Server donated by CozmicShredder of CozWorld's game servers

    For more info, visit our website and our forums


      I'll just give this a gentle once-off bump as I'm quite surprised at 0 comments and a 1 star rating tbh


        Great looking mod. I've downloaded and will be checking it out.


          I've been playing this since the first release, and I must say this is a mod everyone should try out at least once, if not multiple times. If you can't figure out what's going on or the controls, read the readme or visit the forums. Or just ask. Also, Jetfire, don't be put off by the 1-star rating; I've seen this sort of thing happen before, a thread getting a 1 star rating and it saying to everyone that they've already voted (I cant rate it, and I KNOW I've never rated this thread anything)... same thing happened to another thread for another mod I like. Shameful bug (?).


            There's a bit of a bug with crouching and aiming. I can't remember the exact combination of things but I was crouching on top of a hill and went into aiming mode to fire down, then when I stood up and came out of aiming mode I was still going crouch speed. I had to crouch again stand again to get it work.
            Also, what's with the insanely bouncy jeepy vehicles? They jump around on the slightest hill like you're doing 1000mph yet you're hardly moving.


              I tried this mod when it was released as RC2 beta or something like that, and I was really amazed by the quality of it. As DazJW had said, the vehicles are abit jumpy. Also from my experience from piloting an aircraft, getting hit by enemy fire will make twitch alot.. as if it is having a seizure. You could improve the mod by lessening that effect. I also tried piloting the space craft, but it was quite difficult... perhaps I didn't read the manual. But really, I just like experiencing the FPS part of it, and not piloting and shooting lasers in space. Overall, it's a great mod.

              Also, is there a plan in the future to release the weapons as a separate mod? I would really love to use the railgun, and machinegun in a regular CTF game.


                Aye you're totally right about the land vehicles. we've held off tuning them completely until we can resolve why the bots hate them so much. Fortunately for us we've got Xyx onboard

                Getting bounced around too much by weapon impacts has been pretty much fixed bar a couple of tweaks here or there.

                The crouching thing- it's possible you toggled the half-finished animation-less prone stance. I'll keep an eye out for it anyway, thanks guys


                  Our Saturday Smackdown weekly scheduled playtime is starting in half an hour or so and will continue all evening. Come along, berate and shoot the devs, have some pew pew


                    dled it last week, and got a chance to play it over weekend. great mod so far. some problems i had were getting stuck on the rocky cliffs while driving a vehicle. if you can, make an option to push the vehicle to unstuck it... if that makes any sense.


                      I found this mod via ModDB several weeks ago, and played nothing but it for almost a month straight. Looking forward to more maps.

                      A few comments:
                      I agree the jeep type vehicle's handling is very touchy.
                      The bot pathing for ground vehicles seems poor. A lot of time they get in and don't go anywhere.
                      The docking sequences have major collision problems, sometimes preventing docking altogether.

                      That said, this is the best mod I have seen for all versions of Unreal Tournaments I have ever played. My roommate who plays UT3 on PS3 was really envious of me finding this mod. His loss for not having the PC version. Keep up the good work!

                      I too am unable to rate the page. It says I already have. For the record I give this mod 10/10.


                        Wow! Holy moley, this looks like a game that you can buy off the shelf! Nice work!

                        And there is this weird forum glitch that won't let me rate this... it's stuck at one star.

                        I'm assuming that a PS3 cook is impossible, right?


                          Hi guys, thanks for the comments

                          The vehicle bot pathing will be fixed in the next release. For the record and the benefit of other modders, the obscure reason was this:
                          In order to stop bots killing themselves by jumping off things due to our increased falldamage vs ut3, we modified the scout class so it only made sensible paths, primarily the maxfallspeed params.
                          An unforeseen side-effect of this was that it made the bots in vehicles absolutely terrified of slopes, so as soon as they came to one, ie pretty much immediately, they would bail.
                          We spent ever such a long time trying to fix what we thought must was an issue with our vehicles themselves until I got desperate enough to start looking elsewhere >.<
                          Anyway, they are now as good as they are in ut3 vehicles again

                          With regards to a PS3 cook, we're totally willing to try, but our priority right now is MSUC phase 5 (yay!). Once that is done then we can spare a team to look into it properly. Perhaps Epic would be willing to assist us a little themselves eh? ^_^


                            Why do people down-rate threads? Is it because they're acting childish? This is amazing work, and a lot went into it.

                            I give up.


                              Because they're sad, pathetic individuals. I had someone go through all my YouTube videos and one-star them a while back for no apparent reason.

                              To be honest I've never even noticed the ratings of threads here, it doesn't make any difference does it? The thread still gets displayed as normal.