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    *UPDATE: added Famas, Mac10(pistol) and Sniper Rifle. im looking to release this in the middle of this week. it was meant to be ready this week but i was having problems with Unreal Editor. I also learned a new coding trick so the weapons are better now. I kinda need to fix some animations and get real weapon sounds too*

    def gonna have PS3 and PC cooks. hoping to get a Final Release Pack which will include my modern warfare map


      you should do custom anims for chars
      Assault rifles don't go under the shoulder


        lol yeah i know, ut3 just isnt for guns with butts
        yh im gonna try sort out the anims this week

        sucks when ur a 1 man team lol


          If I wasn't still trying to work my way around the editor, I'd definitely help you out... but I've been building my first map using tutorials and trial and error and I haven't tried any kind of weapons modelling or coding yet so I couldn't help you there, but if you need a PS3 tester (I have it on PC but my rig isn't as advanced as some others that will inevitably try it on PC so I'll let them test that) I'll test these in a lot more depth than the usual "great work... works good on PS3"....
          I've been waiting for a really good real weapons set with sound for PS3... there are a couple good weapon packs but they all suffer from some small flaw that keeps them from being great. I could help you with that if you're willing to put in the work. Having custom anims isn't anywhere near as important as getting the weapon power/fire rate/reload time/balance for all the weapons.

          One weapon can be more powerful than another, it just can't be overwhelmingly overpowered compared to the rest... otherwise every game played with the weapons pack becomes a race for the "God gun" and all others get ignored. Not that there can't be a super-powerful rocket launcher or something... it just can't have a ton of ammo or equal reload times to less powerful weapons, etc. Each weapon can be more awesomely outrageous than the one before it, but there must be balance. At no point should someone CHOOSE to use the enforcer instead of one of the weapons in your pack, or something's wrong with that weapon. People should want to pick up every weapon in the pack, if for no other reason than to try it out... but once they do, they shouldn't say, "that gun is useless... won't pick that up again" or else all the work you put into making that weapon was wasted.

          Anyway, if you need the help, I'm here... otherwise I'll just wait for the ps3 version (I prefer UT3 on PS3... sorry I'm just not a keyboard/mouse guy) and see what you came up with...

          Can't wait to see what you come up with.... I'm playing a lot of "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising" right now... ya, I'm all about the realistic weapons (of course that game is a little too real for most- good counterbalance to "Unreal")