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Multiplayer Slow-Mo (Beta)

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    Multiplayer Slow-Mo (Beta)

    Name: Multiplayer Slow-Mo Mutator
    Version: Beta

    My second mod. First of all, let's get the obvious questions out of the way:

    - Yes, it works in multiplayer.
    - No, it does not slow down the entire server.
    - Yes, it does give the player that initiates slow-mo an advantage.

    Each player starts a match with 15 seconds of slow-mo time. Press the USE key (E) to activate slow motion. Press it again to deactivate. I chose to do it this way, rather than having to hold down the key, so that the player could fully maneuver while in slow-mo. When activated, players, bots, and projectiles within a limited range will slow down. The player that activated the slow-mo will slow down as well, but will be 50% faster than the others. Nearby team members will have the same speed advantage. Bots do not know how to use slow-mo, so they don't. What happens when two opposing players activate slow-mo? Good question. I haven't tested it yet, but I expect that will even the odds and both players will be the same speed.

    When deactivated, your slow-mo time slowly recharges. It takes up to a minute to fully recharge 15 seconds.

    I have set up a part-time dedicated server for this mod at

    I'm having fun with this mod, and I hope you have the same. At the very least, you'll get a good look at some of the beautiful models and effects that normally whiz past your screen. Feedback is appreciated!

    Why not make it as a pick-up power-up a-la FEAR SloMo DM?


      Thanks for the feedback.

      Originally posted by Leo Natan View Post
      Why not make it as a pick-up power-up a-la FEAR SloMo DM?
      I thought about doing that, but don't you have to modify maps to add pickups, or at least replace existing pickups? I wanted it to be something everyone could use on any map, but limit the duration so it's not slow-mo all the time.