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VCTF-42 Turgor (Release Candidate 1)

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    VCTF-42 Turgor (Release Candidate 1)

    VCTF-42 Turgor

    Release Candidate 1

    Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack

    A gloomy atmospheric map after the game 'Turgor' (also known as 'Tension' in the European market) featuring the cloudy Moscow sky and some self-created Turgor-style music.

    Bot paths are present. This is a kismet-rich map that has been tested to work online. Make sure to find all the features and references to the original game



    VCTF-42 Club Page (currently in Russian only)


    I am happy to announce that the Release Candidate of VCTF-42 Turgor is available for download!

    This map is a release-candidate. It may contain bugs that should be removed in the final release. I would be grateful if you test this map and post your opinion/bug report here! Thanks for you time!

    P.S. The map is up and running at >--vobLA)> server:

    P.P.S. A small comment on the strategy:

    Tank camping is almost useless here, tank is a defense-support vehicle for flag carriers and the eradicator. Once you lose eradicator (a scorpion suicide will finish it in a blow if it's not defended properly), you get the ability to cross the bridge and your bender and tank is useless under eradicator's enemy fire as they are immediately spawn killed.

    This is basically a control-support map, so eradicator + tank duet is a winning point. The bender is more of a defense vehicle (stranded omg...), naturally, though you can cross the bridge and spawnkill just like on Kargo. A tank+bender+eradicator is a deathly trio once at the enemy base.

    'Get the eradicator, wipe the base out, grab the flag and run back" - yes, that's the idea. Almost no open-field vehicle action - sniper/long-range-fire map. You concentrate either on assault or on defense.

    The one thing that is true is that bots are stupid enough to ignore vehicle opportunities. So you won't get the gist of the map until you play a team match No 'free-for-all' and 'I do what I want' action anymore like in suspense.

    cool map, like it!


      nice map try it at the server was fun


        Thanks a lot, Thanubis! I really appreciate your help.

        Originally posted by Thanubis
        I wish I could say the same about the gameplay.
        I'm looking into the possibility of adding a giant ridge across the upper part of the whole map... It would make the map less open. What would you say about it?

        Originally posted by Thanubis
        Is there any chance you can make a regular CTF version of this map? All you'd need to do is just delete the vehicles.
        I may if you think it's worth it I've never been a fan of CTF and have never played it really. I don't play offline, either. The problem is that bots are just stupid enough to ignore my instructions and forced paths. Why they suicide, is a mystery to me: they seem to decide that they are stuck or whatever (though they aren't). I know about that problem and the only answer is - play multiplayer Have you tried the map in multiplayer?

        Originally posted by Thanubis
        How does that giant worm thing work? Is it on a timer or does it sense movement (trigger)?
        It's 2 trigger volumes. Glad you liked it

        Originally posted by Thanubis
        BTW, the game is currently scheduled to be released on September 25th in the UK. The title has been changed to 'The Void'.
        Thanks for the info, Thanubis! I've lost track of the development, I'm afraid... I'll change the readme file in the release.

        Originally posted by Thanubis
        I also checked out your website. I'm going to have to try that VCTF-42-Kargo-Necris-SE map soon.
        That map was my first experience in map-building, and it's really buggy in multiplayer. I'm looking forward into making a third edition now.


          Originally posted by Thanubis
          Yeah, I noticed it was quite buggy. The bots didn't seem to do much except repeat "in the red base" every 30 seconds or so.
          The simple reason for it was that there was NO new botpaths for the remake at all)) All of them were from the original Kargo. The third edition will have that fixed, so you might want to give it a second look once it is released.

          Ok, I'll think about making a CTF version of the map. And reviewing the bot paths. As for the offline gaming, I don't see a reason for it in a multiplayer game except for testing or pirate versions... So, just try playing online once you feel like it