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DM-Frostbitten_Beta [Pics]

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    DM-Frostbitten_Beta [Pics]

    Version: Beta
    Compatibility: Patch 2.1
    Description:Up high in the mountains, on a planet lightyears away there is a long abandoned temple that the Necris now us an an observation post. A team of Axon has been sent to take out the observation post and eliminate any Necris threat in the direct area.
    For the last few days I've been working very hard on the first map I ever made. There have been nights where I just had to stop at 3AM because of fatigue and a massive headache ;P

    It's been an extremely fun process and I learned ALOT of things that will come in handy for future projects. It's so satisfying when you start with an empty box and end up with a map that is eye-pleasing and enjoyable to play.

    Now, it's not a map of Epic's quality standards, or the standards of most of you veteran mappers, but keep in mind that 50 days ago I knew as good as nothing about level design. I didn't even own UT3 back then.
    Also, it's not finished yet. The terrain looks a little weird and it could use some more decoration, optimisation and overall polishing, but it's pretty to an extent and the gameplay is enjoyable, in my opinion.
    Don't spare me, just say what you think, but try to stay polite = )
    Any suggestions are welcome, just post them here or email me at

    Sorry, wall of text, I know, let's get to the point already.




    Enjoy playing, and please tell me what you think and what I could improve on!

    looks clean but thoses screenshots dont show a lot



      Same as what Bl!tz said

      Downloading as well.


        Not a bad start just one placement problem from me the keg of health near the water I thing it kinda out of place being a small map.


          Yeah I still have to work on my item placement.

          Also, have you discovered the elevated sniping spot? If you did, did you also get some weird physics bug when you died on that ridge?

          And thanks for playing!