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DM-EngineRoom_Alpha_1.6 [PICS]

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    DM-EngineRoom_Alpha_1.6 [PICS]

    Name: DM-EngineRoom_Alpha_16
    Version: Alpha 1.6
    Compatibility: Should be fine with Patch 2.1 and above
    Description: Soft lighting, OSHA non-complaint catwalks, an abandoned semi-functioning engine room within some huge vessel -- what better place for mind-numbing violence?
    Comments: Okay, so this is my first map working within the wonders and horrors of Unreal Editor for UT3. This map is labeled "Alpha" is even though it's ready for gameplay and map flow testing, it currently does not have:

    --Much in the way of static meshes; I just greyboxed it out first and plan on going through after the game flow is nailed down and making it all oh so pretty. That's the plan, anyway.
    --Much in the way of materials. As you can see from the screenshots, the lovely checkerboard pattern is all over the place, aside from some glowing textures and those metal hanging pieces high above.

    On the flip side:

    --First pass at lighting is done. The goal is to maintain a distinct difference between the lower third and the upper third of the map.
    --First pass at audio is done.
    --Bot pathing is in place. This will need to be constantly tweaked, but so far they have been moving about the map pretty well, grabbing power-ups, using the lifts, jumping around, etc.


    Credits: Everything done by me, except for the custom Ladder Volume script which was created by SteelerWolf. And, of course, the pre-existing Epic stuff.

    Map works well with 10-20 players, although it handles all 32 pretty well, too.

    probably it's there to muc open space. This will be war of snipers/campers :/


      The layout looks interesting with all the walkways n stuff, and the lighting and default textures give it a nice (though perhaps unintended) UT99ish feel. BUT... when I try to play it, it crashes the game, something about a C++ library error.