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DM-Tranquility [FINAL BETA] [Updated: 12-11-09]

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    Probably one of the more impressive map i ve seen so far; all is here:visuals are top class and all is pure art; i m a big fan of your lighting ; the sun is so reallistic that i was abble to feel the rays on my skin

    the layout is fantastic and for me you have the perfect mix gameplay/visuals
    the gameplay is fast and furious with a subtile zAxis action; all the item are at the right place and gives you health and munitions in right timing

    for such a big map no place gives the feeling to be "too far" from the action and it s a paradise for a "mooving" sniper like me

    thx for that 5 stars keeper map; cant imagine how many hours you have spend on this one and cant wait to see it final to add it on our server
    great job...N1


      Thanks for the feedback stevelois. Sorry its been a long time since i have updated it, i just haven't had the time. I have looked at your comments and I'll answer each one.

      The physical material sounds have all been corrected, for some reason when i rebuilt all the sounds on everything for this version were reset to default after it finished rebuilding and i didn't notice it until i after i released. Everything now has the correct sound it should have.

      The crickets i guess, occasionally you will hear them in the daytime (in very shady places). I guess i could tweak it a little.

      The waterfall has been slightly adjusted.

      I tried to smooth over the terrain there with blocking volumes but i guess it needs some visual and gameplay tweaking. I tried to do inclination with the greaves but everytime i rebuild pathing it resets them to horizontal.

      Tipper, overall bloom on the map has been reduced slightly, but ill look into the trees.

      -Various materials have been parallax mapped (bump mapping for extreme viewing angles for anyone who doesn't know)
      -New scaffolding meshes (Believe me they look MUCH better and are properly scaled.)
      minor gameplay changes to accomadate new meshes.
      -Most Rocks meshes are now UVW mapped by hand (meaning textures fit on them much more nicely)------ I still have 4 or so to do and it takes time.
      -I have debated vertex painting for the rocks but it would take time to finish all of them, maybe ill do it for a later release.
      -Lighting has been adjusted slightly.
      -Almost all meshes that can benefit from lightmapping have had them applied. (yes i know this kills file size but its not too bad)
      -certain areas now feature light sources to create more atmosphere and contrast.
      -overall various areas have recieved a signifigant amount of detail work.
      -i am expierementing with a few postprocessing effects to try to get light rays working, ill see how it turns out.

      overall ive tried to get as close a i can with the ut3 version of ue3 to the udk version of ue3 in terms of lighting. I did port it into the udk to see how it turns out but the speed trees in this are version 4 instead of the version 5 that comes with the udk so i would have to replace each one individually (ugggghhhhh). It looks nice but my computer is not powerful enough to render the map in lightmass unfortunatly without crashing (TOOOOOO MUCH DETAIL).

      I'll try to have the next version out fairly soon, I only have a few meshes left to lightmap and a few to UVW map for textures.


        Well mate, I'm happy you still working on that already awesome map & that most stuff I comment is addressed

        As other maps I see 'poping' out since a loooooooooong time, it's funny how others discover this great piece of work months after I tested out. This only confirm that when people comments, it bring some motivation for mappers to really finish there works.

        I'm looking forward the next release but I hope you didn't change the pickups because it's it is well balanced now


          I stoped posting awhile ago but I could go back check right over the map again it wouldn't hurt.


            Well I should have a new version out soon, (I should be for the most part done with it by next week) it will in all probability be the final beta with the final version out soon after.

            I cannot really get much more performance out of the map considering it has just under 6k static meshes and many of those are visible much of the time because the map is so open. Lightmapping various things has improve overall performance about 5 fps but its added about 20 mb to the uncooked file size so we will see how it turns out. I think there are some things that could be done more efficiently, particularly by the lighting but i am limited by the engine and as much as I would love to use lightmass for it unfortunately i can't in ut3. Once i get this done ill probably get back to my 2 other works in progress.


              Well its taking longer than I thought i had a couple issues with ut3 constantly crashing upon rebuilding and a few driver issues, I'll have it done ASAP. However here is a screenshot to show the progress so far:


                1 word............


                Am I having hallucinations or you finally shortened the grass ???


                  Thanks, overall the grass has been slightly shorter for awhile now but the really short grass was added in. Currently working on a new grass texture to replace the tall grass because the source texture is very low resolution and pixelated and just looks awful, so all the tall grass is going to be reskinned.


                    Nice work mate keep it up.

                    The visuals are nice.


                      Originally posted by Atlas000 View Post
                      Thanks, overall the grass has been slightly shorter for awhile now but the really short grass was added in. Currently working on a new grass texture to replace the tall grass because the source texture is very low resolution and pixelated and just looks awful, so all the tall grass is going to be reskinned.
                      Ha, I know I didn't have hallucinations lol

                      I don't know how much details you want to put on the grass but since it cover almost all the map, it won't be a good idea to have to much details, specially if it's animated (you know like moving in the wind). It will affect to much FPS imo & since it's shorter, the player will less notice the details since it's less "in your face".

                      The stock one don't look good but you have other stock materials that look better. You can take a look of my DM-Aly map in case you want some healthy green grass. It maybe doesn't look as good as yours but it surely will look much better than the default stock one & TBH, players don't give a **** about those details so I don't think it's necessary to spend to much time on stuff like that.


                        Yeah I know if your running around blowing people apart you don't notice much and honestly a lot of detail in this map is not quite necessary. The point of the map is in the microscopic details and to see how good I can make unreal look. If you play the map as you would any other then that is great, you may enjoy the big picture while your not fragging people at the moment. There is A LOT of content in this map that has no effect on gameplay, (other than killing the FPS :P).

                        This map has been entirely designed on a laptop running an 8600M GT so i get **** for frames per second and I don't have access to my desktop (which has a 275 gtx) so I bet it runs great on that, I be able to find out in a few weeks. I have about 3 other maps relatively complete, 2 of which could be complete with a day's work could be released but they look like run-of-mill LT package UT3 Maps, and the third one is cathedral which would take a long time to finish.

                        I made a new grass texture in photoshop in about an hour yesterday and i think it looks noticeably better, (and by better i mean **** nice) and its even lower than before lol.

                        Believe me I am trying to get this out as soon as I can but it "will be done when it is ready" (thanks Valve for that one). I think you will be pleased with the result .


                          Great visuals but didn't really like this map I'm afraid, felt too over sized and had no game play to it, odd item placement too as its so big. A bit slow on fps too and the grass was too long.


                            Well I'm sorry to hear that, the main purpose was not gameplay, there was no plan for the layout of this map it developed as I went along. The monolithic feel of the map was intentional, even though the hugeness of some of the elements was not, though a lot has been changed from the most recent release. If I wanted to make a gameplay oriented map I would have been done A LONG LONG LONG time ago with this and it would probably not look anything like this. I wanted to do something along the lines of Uncharted or Resident Evil 5 in terms of visual quality.

                            As I said earlier, I have 2 other maps nearly done, but they are no where near this polished. The reason I haven't worked on those two nearly as much is because they look like everything else which is nothing more than the 4 same things (Gritty human, techy, necris, or asian; with few variations in how each one is applied most of the time). Personally I was somewhat dissapointed with the theme selection in stock UT3 content comming from working with UT2k4 two years ago. Yes the themes are much more fleshed out with more content within a theme but 2k4 had much variation between maps (stargate-inspired egyptian/ somewhat realistic egyptian, dungeon/fantasy/ or firey demonic stuff, techy, junk, alien organic, skarg alien, clean urban, ruined urban, and castle themes.)

                            I may release some sort of content pack with the assets from this map, idk. Regardless if you are looking for a map with an amazingly balanced layout with all sorts of intricate paths and complex z-interaction all tied together in a massive labyrinth that mastering would require a couple run-throughs, then this is probably not the best map for that. If you are looking for something that is different from a lot of what is currently out there, then maybe you would enjoy this.

                            There are two things left to fix before I release the final beta version, and honestly I would like to have it done by tonight at the latest. Granted it takes about 1 full hour to rebuild the lighting on this map due to the sheer amount of detail and about an hour to set up everything to post it.


                              Well Atlas000, i love this map, but i like them pretty and this one certainly is. There are as you say plenty of maps based around the usual 4 themes and maps such as this, and the most recent offfering by another well know contributor here show off the UT engines capabilities at its best.
                              Thanks for putting in the effort to make something a bit special


                                Originally posted by Atlas000 View Post
                                After reading your 2 previous post, I'm very please you have other works in progress mate

                                But don't worry, I didn't meant to hurry you in my last post but only to let you know that only few players will notice the extra details. It's always your thing to make it look better but keep in mind that it won't be perfect no matter how long you put your time into it.

                                I'm in the bunch of players who notice everything but I don't comment on everything or else others will get crazy LOL

                                Anyway, there is no rush mate & I'll wait patiently until the next version