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DM-Tranquility [FINAL BETA] [Updated: 12-11-09]

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    DM-Tranquility [FINAL BETA] [Updated: 12-11-09]

    Name: DM-Tranquility [Final Beta]
    Version: 1.50
    Compatibility: Titan Pack, 2.1 (Patch 5)
    Description: Constructed thousands of years ago, it's builders sought peace and harmony with their surroundings. Since then, many expeditions have left their mark on the ruins, trying to uncover it's makers. You will find but echos of their intent...

    Mid sized deathmatch map 2-12 players.

    Comments: This map was primarily designed for visuals. I was really trying to create something bright and different since the variety of stock content seems to be lacking and I was tired of the grungy look. The layout just kinda came together as I went. It is set to show most of the small details in high detail mode only to preserve fps for gameplay if performance is desired. This map is approximately 90% custom content made by me. This is only the third map that I have released for unreal, my first for UT3.

    There have been a lot of changes made to the map. Its been a long 3 months since the last release, but I have working on a lot of and have been very busy. Enjoy!

    Version 1.50 changes
    *Many visual changes/improvements.
    *Lighting adjusted
    *Bloom Reduced
    *Lots of added detail (2k+ new static meshes)
    *New Backdrop
    *Minor movement of pickups
    *Various elements rescaled
    *Minor layout changes

    Version 1.02 changes
    *All custom or stock content now
    *Custom Sky Texture
    *Minor Aesthetic Changes
    *Fixed Several Pathing Issues
    *Berserk Pickup added where rocket launcher was
    *Shield Belt Removed
    *Rocket Launcher now where shield belt was
    *One Enforcer Removed, Remaining one moved
    *Fixed Blurry Textures
    *Better Optimization
    *Blocking volumes added, there is now a "ceiling" to the map
    *Fixed a couple collision issues

    Version 1.01 changes
    *Number of Player spawns increased to 32 from 18
    *Removed all Gears of War content, replaced with custom content/stock speedtrees.
    *Better Optimization (Still have work to do)
    *Fixed Various Clipping Issues
    *Numerous Blocking Volumes added
    *Fixed Ragdoll noncollision problem.
    *New Weapon locations and pickups
    *Full Armor Set
    *2 Stinger Pickups
    *2 Sniper Rifles
    *2 Enforcer Pickups
    *Rocket Launcher Moved to previous Sniper location
    *Various Asthetic Changes
    *Fixed a few Lightmap Issues
    *Improved Bot Pathing


    Credits: Me, Epic, Hourences for his ever helpful tutorials, stevelois for the very helpful feedback.

    New Version (Final Beta Version 1.50)

    MSUC Version (Older Version 1.02)

    Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

    Looks fantastic! Glad you finally got it out. Downloading now and will update post after I test it some.


      First Impression: Gorgeous, very well design, very professional.

      Other thoughts:
      -Kinda huge, which isn't a bad thing, but there's a LOT of foliage. It looks absolutely wonderful dude, but hurts the frames a tad, and I got a 8800 Ultra. Doesn't hurt it a lot, which surprises me, but you know, still there.
      -I'm not much for big maps, but this one kicks ***. Also, it might be better if this was made as a campaign map (this is just a personal opinion).
      -Five star rating man. Way better than any map Epic put out.

      As I said, it's pretty huge, so I'll need more time to test it.


        There is an problem with the map that ragdolls dont collide with the the custom meshs, causing you to fall through and die if you feign death. I am currently working on this problem.


          Thanks, yeah I know its kinda big maybe i'll up the botcount recommendation. And actually yes I did think about it as a campagain map of some sort. I know that the framerates aren't the greatest, I designed this on a laptop with an 8600M and I definately can't get good framerates on my own map. Like I said it isn't fully optimized yet but i'll work on it.


            Looks like a good map, downloading and testing.


              I've tested a good deal and it plays pretty well. Bots move around fine. So far only thing I've found was a weird collision problem, pointed out in the screenshot below. That fallen log collides very oddly.

              I'm still not really sure what causes that feign death problem.

              Also, the preview screenshot is pretty blurry. Nitpicky, I know, but still.

              Oh and as for framerate, it was running just fine on my computer, though I do have a somewhat high-end machine. My graphics settings are pretty high, but even standing on the rocket bridge and taking it all in didn't slow me down at all. Unfortunately can't say for lesser machines.


                A beautiful map you got there dude

                Will try it & post back if something

                But as first look, pro work with a lot of details like I like them


                  Looks beautiful in the screens.. if you do a PS3 cook, I'd love to try this out and let you know what I think


                    I probably will eventually do a beta PS3 cook once I get some of the bugs fixed but the final version will definitely have a PS3


                      Someone correct if I'm wrong but I don't think you can use gow assets in MSUC. Also, I didn't look to see if its been covered yet but theirs no collision in the middle of your map so when you fall off you fall right through the floor.

                      Beautiful map btw.


                        Looks stunning!


                          Looks very nice great design....downloading now.


                            If you can't use the GoW assets for MSUC and you end up changing the map, could you do a PS3 cook of the map the way that it is first, with the GoW content still there?


                              I made a quick run today, dude, it's a beautiful maps you made there


                              Very fun, with some very nice z-axis fights, a nice mix of cover & opened areas. One thing that hurts is playerstart, there isn't enough of them & you must travel to long before pickup an item. You need to add more & place them closer to some weapons.

                              About the weapons, the rocket launcher weapon is to close to the flak & it is suggested you put it at the opposite. The side where you have the flak is very "nude" comparing to all the map. I found it's the weakest part of the map. The bridge is a ideal place for another powerup or the vest. It would be more appropriate than just a regular weapon. I may suggest you put the RL near the sniper, on the lower level & put something risky on the bridge.

                              For armors, I must be blind but I only found the tights, where are the others one, this map is big enough to include all of them & I think you should use them. There are plenty of "wasted" place that as nothing & it would be great if ALL areas as something unique & worthy so the players is in constant movement to collect ALL the goodies.

                              I suggest you place more worthy items in tights quarters & leave the open areas for small pickups / vials. Like in this example, moving the medium health in the small room & place some not important stuff on the bridge.


                              Not a lot to report but :

                              All the rocks are floating there, it would be nice to have some water there ?


                              Lots of pickup are floating. An easy way to "fix" this is by add an appropriate thing under like in this case a wood plank.


                              I strongly advise you to put blocking volume everywhere you don't want the player to go. I was able to go way out of the play area which is NOT a good idea & affect the way the player see your piece of work.

                              About collisions, I saw items that didn't had collisions so I could pass through. At least making a rough blocking volume will do the trick.

                              When dying, I pass through the terrain at some spots, falling to oblivion ??? Don't remember where tough.

                              In all, it's a very pleasing & fun map

                              Keep it up.