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DM-AfterInfection [Beta 0.1] [Pics] [Download]

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    DM-AfterInfection [Beta 0.1] [Pics] [Download]

    Author: Damian 'DamianS' Stempniewski
    Name: DM-AfterInfection
    Version: Beta 0.1
    Compatibility: Titan Pack 2.1
    Description: A Small duel map - it's my first Multiplayer map ever, so don't expect too much from gameplay . The main point was visual quality, so I hope you like it. ANY opinion is welcome.
    Comments: There are few things, I'm still working on:
    -collision for some static meshes
    -some details inside the building
    -and few other things I don't remember

    It's recommended to use "Intense" post processing preset for more intensive colours



    Special thanks to: Me

    Looks good downloading asap


      Wow... nice looking screens... these are the kinds of maps I love, if you get this cooked for PS3, I would definitely love to try it out.


        ****, another kickass visual map !!!

        Look **** nice dude, will try it out & leave some feedback if I found something


          Looks like it was made for MSU's aesthetics entry option.

          Either way, looks like it'll be a lot of fun to check out!


            Are those giant darkwalker legs in that second pic?


              Did a quick run today,

              Reading your priority, this map is focused on visuals. Keep in mind that even the most beautiful map won't be playable by no one except you if it as bad gameplay &/or bad flow.

              Most players load the level & don't bother about details & such so if the map is not fun & doesn't look at least decent, it goes in the recycle bin after some matches.

              You made a great looking map so far but since flow & gameplay are badly affected which is a shame, it runes all the hard work you've put on it. It's a bit big for 1on1 & the most fun matches was with 4 players in total. So I'll suggest things that fit with that playercounts.


              It's always more appropriate when you grab a weapon easily & put only others valuable items on a specific spot that isn't on a regular path / placement. When spawning, you want to get into action & grab a weapon fast & don't want to waste time to double jump to grab something. In this pic, I suggest you put the Flak in the tight space (it's always more appropriate to place the flak in a tight room) & put another item there like a small armor. All the roof there isn't used by anything which is like wasted space. Another weapon, like the shock would be cool or pickups or wathever suit you. I suggest the shock since it's a good adversary from the Link gun / stinger in this case.


              Another place that would be appropriate for a small armor or the KEG.


              The 2 cranes look like they are positioned the same way, just rotate one of them a bit so it won't look like a copy-paste meshe. The top roof there would be a ideal spot for the sniper & the lower roof a good spots for ammo.


              It's very annoying to get block on those section while moving. The yellow line shows the section, the red lines shows the part that would be good to remove (in the link gun area). The iron structure you made to reach the link gun is very narrow, same as the balcony. It's very annoying when someone shoot at you & your trying to look where your stepping instead on focusing on defense. I suggest you wider them.

              [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]

              The bot was just standing there ?


              The bot was going up & down on the flak spot & shoot me from there.


              I also notice a lot of collisions problem but since you mention it's on your to-do list, I don't bother.

              You can also add some ambient sounds, there are practically none ATM.

              The map need more medium health imo. I suggest you put at least 1 medium health in each corner of the map.

              It would be cool if you can add more wires that connect the building & put some vials on them. It will add interesting z-axis fights.

              In all, it's a very good visual map but since flow & gameplay rune everything I hope you will focus on that later. If you need help, just ask.

              Keep up the good work


                wow , very nice man !!!!!
                i remeder COD 4 , and TS
                nice map


                  We spawn with some serious firepower when I play with friends so weapon placements don't bother me.... I can pretty much guarantee this map gets hosted by me daily if there's a PS3 cook based on the screens alone. Those screens were supposed to show problems, but they just got me more stoked 2 play it, lol


                    Wow this is great. blew the map im working on out of the water... for now


                      Thanks for your opinion guys

                      stevelois, thanks for gameplay advice - it's very helpful. I'm working on these things right now, so I hope the next release will be more playable.

                      I'm going to cook it for PS3 too, so don't worry - I just want to resolve all of these problems on PC.

                      By the way - I promise not to make another map which looks like garbage; It's very hard to finish it without any glitch and so. I understand, the gameplay is the most important thing in UT3, so next time I'll put the graphics on the second place.

                      Sorry for my English


                        Your very welcome dude

                        You have a nice looking map & it won't need to much work on pickups to make this map as playable as visually nice. Don't worry, I understand perfectly that you want to make a visually kickass map which I think you already reach.

                        You can always send me a pm if you want some more advices.

                        If you can communicate im French the better because as you English is my second language


                          reminds me chernobyl lvl in CoD4 :P