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Greed - Glassbox Killhouse

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    Greed - Glassbox Killhouse

    Name:Glassbox Killhouse [Greed]

    Version: Beta release 1

    Compatibility: 2.1

    Description: This is based heavily on the map Killhouse from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Due to the difference in game mechanics some of the stuff was taken out, or I added/changed some stuff. For example you dont really use crouch in Unreal.

    Comments: This map should only be played with the game type Greed, otherwise the flags are literally right next to each other. I guess you could play CTF but I would set it to time limit instead of score.

    This is still a Work in Progress and as such lighting has some funny shadows and the roof is really lit at all. Also I want to add a few deco meshes but Killhouse was pretty barren so this one also will be pretty simple.

    Also the Ladder works great for human players, but bots wont use it. Any help on this would be great as I would like to avoid using a lift. Just to stay closer to the COD version and also to make it a little harder to get to the Shield Belt.


    Credits: Infinity Ward for COD4 and Epic.

    Download:PC Download

    Thanks for the review! Just to address a few of your points:

    Spawn points are crazy on purpose. They correspond to a lot of the spawn locations in the COD4 Killhouse and also although there will be times when you spawn between two of them it usually balances out that you will get two of you on one of them so I thought it was ok.

    Thats crazy that the bot got up there! What difficulty were you playing on? I have played on Inhuman and never saw them get up there... maybe thats why... but I have also played on the lower ones. Either way that gives me hope.

    Also this map is pretty fun I have found with Instagib.