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    Bailter Ray

    Name: Bailter Ray
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: 2.1
    Bailter Ray is a 2.5D "side scrolling" platform, adventure shooter. Set in a alternate reality where science fiction tin toys exist as living entities. The player controls a tin spaceman Captain Phoenix Valentine, an Astro-Explorer who has crashed landed onto an unknown alien planet. In order to get home the captain needs to retrieve his space ship's power supply, a wind up key and locate his ship.

    The prototype is a platforming playground of puzzles, enemy robots and alien plants that shoot goo and fire. In order to survive the surreal alien landscape, the player must make effective use of suit's jumping, dodging abilities and his trusty ray gun.



    Credits: Pip Robbins, Paul Smith, Zhao Zhang and Rebecca Wong
    Homepage & Download:

    o great mod i gone try now


      I really love the slowed down dodge feature, very cool. The "Boss" battle with the roses is very unusual, u r never in any danger though. The level is very short about 2-3 minutes to finish. Great concept though.


        Fantastic mod! Loved those Commander Keen games and this brings back fond memories.

        Edit: I really like the art design in this mod. The atmosphere is very charming. The flash animations are a great touch and go perfectly with the concept of a windup rocket ship. The semi dark lighting of the level is a very good choice as it makes you feel like you're truly on a strange planet. Very professional, well crafted, and great fun too play!

        One problem I found is with the heath crystal info bubble. It constantly pops up when you go near it which can become an annoyance. It would be preferable if it only popped up upon first contact.


          Thanks guys, yeah the map is very short. This is sort of just a prototype sandbox map. We plan to create 2 new larger and more linear levels. The first one being more of a tutorial level which will introduce each feature.

          The boss level does have issues, I put a sight on the turrets so they wont own you off screen, but it meant they became exploitable in the boss fight. I shall increase the "sight" on the turrets.

          I'd love for you too cook it on the PS3, but I don't think it would work well, I think I might have made some changed in the config file which xbox360 and PS3 might not like. But I have never tried so it would be interesting to see the results


            let it go up up up!


              Ooooh, this looks friggin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!!