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    Sniper Arena

    Name: RTS Sniper Arena
    Version: 1.0 RC
    Compatibility: UT3 Black (v2.0-2.1)
    Description: Sniper arena mutator made by a request of my friends of RTS clan. Replaces all weapons as well as the default spawn weapon to Sniper Rifle. Rifle has been modified to have a slightly higher fire rate (1 shot per 0.8 sec, think UT2004 Sniper Rifle) and a higher ammo (75). This version is final in my point of view, however it requires some testing to make sure everything is all right.
    Comments: No readme in this version. Installation is simple - just extract the archive into My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3. If your mods folder is located elsewhere, I guess you don't need instructions
    Credits: _Lynx

    UPDATE: A server running mutator is available: ut3://