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    My latest DM map on Unreal Editor 3! Please Check it out and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism welcome, all feedback will be used to improve the map!
    Play with pleanty of bots (20+)

    Download at:[/url[IMG]
    Gameplay video:

    Downloading now.
    But this is only for PC? Image says for PC and PS3.
    And no screenshots? Many people don`t download and test before they see screenshots. Just a tip.

    Will test it and coment it when I wake up. Good night.


      Ah, I have changed the DM-map icon from red/blue to just blue which I'm guessing indicates PC only?

      I dont seem to have permission to upload any images at the moment!? How do I get permission? I have sent a request via the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page so hopefully they will give permission soon. There are 10 screenshots within the main file also.

      Thanks for the tips adversary!


        Originally posted by Wacko View Post
        Ah, I have changed the DM-map icon from red/blue to just blue which I'm guessing indicates PC only?
        YES !

        Originally posted by Wacko View Post
        I dont seem to have permission to upload any images at the moment!? How do I get permission? I have sent a request via the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page so hopefully they will give permission soon. There are 10 screenshots within the main file also.

        Thanks for the tips adversary!
        You can't upload pictures to this forum directly. You should upload them to a picturehoster, and then put the links in your thread.


          Video demo of map

          Ok, whilst I figure out how to display some screenshots please find the following video demo of me getting murdered by a load of bots instead for your amusement!

          Demo file: sanction-2009_07_31-10_35_13.demo
          D.L. location:

          Put the file into: - Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Demos

          Then ingame, logon and select the options "Community" and "Demo Playback"

          Enjoy the video!


            You must upload your pictures to any other website, I use, then you right click the pictures and copy their url, then you put the url in the picture address here in the forum.

            For the ut demos, it's a demo record file, not a video file, you still need the map installed to play it, the demo is real-time rendered with the map loaded. It's like the game is happening, but every actor just follow the recorded sequence.


              There was tons of text here with feedback (China called, and they want the wall of text back), so I will post from my point of view, and you can reply as you please:

              Negative experiences/constructive critisism:
              1) Loadingtime, it took longer than I am used to, and I have a powerfull machine (quadcore amd, 4 GB RAM, Geforce 9800GTX)
              2) I played with 10 bots, and I have a hard time finding bots and get some action. So I think it is a little to big.
              3) Many times, the bots just stood there and did nothing.
              4a) On top where you have a redeemer and a sniper rifle, you can see clearely that the map ends there on the other side of the map it self. (Where you run around and play).
              4b) I jumped down where I talked about in 4a, and I fell through the map. It is water there, but I could not swim, so did not stop falling.
              4c) Still on the same top: You can see water through the ice on the edges when you walk.
              I could not see anything else that make me need to continue here.

              Thats all in that category.

              Positive stuff:
              Overall a great looking map. Nice work indeed. To bad I think it is to big
              Like the combination of terrain and meshes.
              Thumbs up.


                I gave it a shot...nice work...looking like it's well under way...some thoughts

                > Really big...not a bad thing...I actually like maps that can handle 32, but it feels like you neeeeeed to get some vehicles in there, or do something to chop up all that dead space. Especially in that one room that has stairs at both sides and is just a giant room....that thing could be two story and still provide a nice fighting areas.

                >Remember bots don't really stand much of a chance at long range, and few weapons are actually effective in those large battles. Really, just too much dead could really tighten up the battles while still keeping the same open feel.

                >Good mix of terrain and meshes, and Z-axis. If you're out in the wastelands though it would be nice to have a few more teleporters or something to get you around to the key areas. Also in repetition of meshes/architectural patterns/whatever, less is more...Feels like a Lost Planet level or something though, fun.

                >There's a room up top with a rocket launcher inside a circle where the bots seem to hang out and do nothing, didn't see any other serious pathing issues, though as a titan I couldn't get on top of that really high rock, which seemed like the funnest place to be a titan at.

                >The water you've got in the room where you can jump from rock to rock is going pretty fast at that scale...could be cool to add a physics volume in there to have it carry you in that direction a bit...Any kind of interactivity adds a lot to a map.

                >As with many maps, it could stand to have way more health/armor...3 health vials is basically the same as nothing, and health is rare enough that you didn't know where to go to get it.

                >The section with weird LRC and robot meshes seems sort of out of place/bland...throw some windows or equipment in there and make that inside stuff part of the battle with the outside (not just a snipers nest though) and the battles wouldn't feel entirely outside.

                >Some lighting and color would go a long way towards giving the map a real atmosphere. Right now it just doesn't have anything going on with lighting or a real feel to it, besides cold and desolate, which comes naturally with snow. Some fog volumes would help too


                Hope some ideas help...I'd be interested to see what you end up with once this is final...Keep up the good work


                  Thanks guys, I really appreciate, agree with and will use all your hints n tips.

                  For those wishing to view the map before dl. here is a video of some game play posted onto youtube. Dont be put of by the terrible quality (my video production skills arent up to much!) but it will give you an idea of what the level is about.


                  One thing I should have mentioned earlier, It definately is massive and I play with a minimum of 20 bots. As this is my first map the scale wasn't by design and when it happened I just went with it, same with the massive rock! Future maps will definately pay more attention to scale! I've certainly found that health is too scarce and getting around can be an issue. I'll definately look into overcoming these challenges and keep you posted.

                  Pics will be uploaded soon, watch the video in the meantime.

                  Again, Thankyou, your comments are a big help!


                    Ya man! One more tip: update your first top post with the images and this link to the video, so newcomers will quick see what you have, it'll make you have more people downloading. Which software did you use to make the video?

                    I'll download it now and test around (while I try to figure out a kistmet issue >_<).


                      With size,because things look different in the editor first person compared to in-game first person, I tend to make architecture a bit exaggerated as well. My first map had a little too much dead space in it and it's tough to find the right balance with the size/look of meshes.


                        I used cam studio. Then windows movie maker to add ram jam (music) yeah! Didnt think much of it though. It recorded my desktop fine, then when I change to unreal it shoves the picture into the corner and leaves a whole lot of black space?? It was struggling to record a longer video also but its still doing the job i guess, showing what the level looks like...


                          Wacko, try FRAPS, but don't forget using the game in Fullscreen or the same will happen.


                            Nice, I like the look of this FRAPS software. I'll give it a try!