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DM-Gamma-Beta3 [More Pics][Download][Update 7-29-09]

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    DM-Gamma-Beta3 [More Pics][Download][Update 7-29-09]

    Visit link for Final Release

    Final Release

    There is already a ut3 Abandoned map by a fellow clan member,Necron.Suggest you change the name of your map.


      Gameplay is very nice. This map has a lot going for it IMO.

      I'd like to see some or all of the glass windows on the second floor above the shock rifle removed. That way you could have battles from the second floor to the first floor. Same for the first floor windows by the shock rifle. I don't like being able to see opponents and not being able to shoot them.

      Other than that very fun map!


        Is there a sniper rifle in the map?

        Been playing it a little more and watching FPS. Only palce where I get slowdowns is by the amp looking up and around to the second floor and sky.

        Radeon 4850

        I think I have better specs than most that play on our TDM server.


          Originally posted by Freaky1 View Post
          There is already a ut3 Abandoned map by a fellow clan member,Necron.Suggest you change the name of your map.

          HM......****, I will change the name in the next Beta


            Originally posted by Taffy View Post
            Is there a sniper rifle in the map?
            There is no sniper rifle in this map, but if people think its a good idea then i will put one in


              This looks really promising, I'll check it out in a bit and get back to you.


                Ok, just played a couple rounds, your off to a great start! It looks like you have a very clear idea how you want your map to feel, which is good, it'll keep me from going overboard on my critiques. : )

                1. Your map is very open, there isn't much cover in the central hub/room area, and while the longer decks on the fringes of the map DO have stacks of crates, I think these could be thought out a little more. Crates can work, but with the way they are now they aren't helping much, they're just in the way (in a bad way imo). I think if you took out all the small stacks and replaced them with long(er) generators or something it would be more aesthetically pleasing, as well as keep the area from being too chopped up.

                2. I do like the natural darkness of the level, but in some areas it's a little too dark. I think this can easily be fixed by adding lights near doors/pickups. Also, some of the out-of-bounds areas were really hard for me to realize I could indeed not access them.

                3. Weapon placement was ok, but you might want to watch "dead-ends". Some areas weren't worth trekking too imo (vest especially, it was too far out of the way. A keg-o-health might work better there. If you know kismet you could rig up some cool lights which would activate when it's available for pickup).

                If I think of anything else I'll let you know.


                  Originally posted by Jagnot View Post
                  Your map is very open, there isn't much cover in the central hub/room area
                  In the middle of the Central hub there is the U damage, so I if want it your have to risk yourself by being in the open (Balancing)


                    Ok, that makes sense, didn't notice the UDamage while playing or I woulda not comment on it, haha.


                      Beta 2

                      Beta 2 is out!!!

                      Changes in Beta 2
                      -Changed the name of the map from "DM-Abandoned" to "DM-Gamma" due to an older map having the same name
                      -Made some Lights and Sound to turn on when the U Damage is Ready
                      -Removed some windows on the second and first floor
                      -Switched the positions of the Armor belt and Vest
                      -Some Minor Changes



                        Thx man.


                          Thanks a lot for removing the windows that was perfect. The one you removed on the lower level by the crates works great. Definite flow improvement IMO.


                            I tested the first version and haven't read any comments yet, so forgive me if I repeat something that's already been said...

                            1. I would add blocking volumes so you can't go under the main building (near StaticMeshActor_1287).

                            2. I am not a fan of 2 of the same ammo near the same weapon base. I know Epic does this and they shouldn't as I promotes a "one stop shopping" mentality. The worst example of this is the rocket launcher, that also has the 4 health vials. Too much goodies in one area.

                            3. If you can, it would be nice to get rid of the reflections in the windows.

                            4. I would add a skylight actor and set it's light color to something that's very common (light color wise) in the level, set the brightness very low as well (.10?). This will help get rid of any "very dark" areas of your map, which I have found several.

                            5. You got a cool bridge that's destroyed, but no reason to go onto it. I would place the Udamage/shield belt here as it promotes a "risk vs reward" situation.

                            6. There are some grass and plants mesh that are taller than the player and block their view (for no good reason). In addition, I don't think it applies to bots, so it really effects offline players. Get a lawnmower out!

                            7. Behind a container mesh (StaticMeshActor_102), it looks like you can walk around the backside of it with no problems. If it looks like a player can easily fit between 2 things, they should.

                            8. There are a bunch of vine type meshes that are against the walls. The way they are now, it's fairly easy to "hide" in them, which seems like a glitch to me. They should be closer to the walls.

                            9. As far game play, the map repeats itself (hallways), is a bit flat for my tastes (little z-fighting opportunities), and seems a bit over scaled (mainly the middle area. There are a few places that end up in a dead end, but for no good reason (the one under the stairs makes sense). I know it's too late, but maybe some minor changes can help mix things up?

                            10. The lighting looks good, but I feel it can use some more contrast. It's very evenly lit and could have some brighter lights here and there.

                            11. The post processing effects could be toned down a bit (mainly bloom and depth of field). The area doesn't seem to be foggy enough for that amount of bloom and I think depth of field really should only be used for "water volumes".

                            Unless I am near sided (or is it far sided?), I should be able to see the mountains in the distance clearer.For what it's worth, I think the map looks better when your out of the post processing volume. Inside of it, there is also a strong green tint.

                            12. A few optimization suggestions...

                            a. If a BSP surface will never be seen and it doesn't occlude anything, you should use the "RemoveSurfaceMaterial" in the EngineMaterials package. This should essentially never render that BSP face.

                            If the BSP can't be seen by a player and does occlude something, use the BlackUnlitMaterial in the same package as this will render a very basic materials. Both of these surfaces should be set to not receive any lights and have the highest lightmap resolution value.

                            b. Keep in mind that if the engine can see any part of a mesh, it will render the entire thing (even if the player can't visually see it). This is mainly for the numerous rocks you have in your level. Most of them you will never see the backside, so possibly using the rocks with only half of it displayed, might help in the frame rate department.

                            Overall, you have a nice looking map with a cool setting and nice details around the map. Keep up the good work.


                              Beta 3

                              Third Beta is Out!!!

                              Changes in Beta 3
                              -Added the X-Ray deployable
                              -Added some other stuff
                              -Changed some other stuff
                              -Removed the Depft Of Field