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DM-CatwalkBeta [Beta/Possible Release Candidate] [Pics]

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    DM-CatwalkBeta [Beta/Possible Release Candidate] [Pics]

    Name: DM-CatwalkBeta
    Version: Beta
    Compatibility: I dont see why it would need a patched version but I did select Betrayal as a supported gametype.
    Description: The recomended playcount is 2-8 players. It has an open layout.It's mainly BSP based, and nearly all the textures are non stock.
    With most of the textures, I made a "clean" texture in paint shop pro, and then "dirtified" it by using a rock texture from BerneyBoy's Photorealistic Textures Pack ( For example, I would colour the rock texture light blue, and then paste it (or part of it) into a light blue section of the clean texture, using the magic wand feature on Paint Shop Pro 7.
    The bots are a bit shy about using the lifts. On one test build I did, I put more goodies up top and they used them more, so I think it may be at least somewhat down to a lack of reason to go up there. If anyone has any ideas of how to make them use the lifts more without adding extra items up high then please tell me.
    Thankyou to people like DGUnreal, Waylon Brinck,Neocane, Hourences and Boneslicer for providing tutorials to help me.

    Credits: Me, Epic (for the game, and the stuff that comes with it) and Berneyboy (for the rock texture, sometimes just recoloured and used, and sometimes used as described above)
    Homepage: n/a