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    CTF-Confliction [Beta] [Pics] [DL]

    Name: CTF-Confliction
    Version: Beta 1.0
    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 3 v2.1
    Description: Simple map with lots of jumping and action.
    Comments: The idea for this map was influenced by the shock arena map I seen and I just made it a little more complex by adding four arenas next to each other with jump pads to get to one arena to the next. Then I got the idea to convert it from a DM map to a CTF map and this is the outcome. Oddly, it's a very fun map with great gameplay. Like my other map, I will keep updating this post with changes I make to the map or any changes I have planned. Enjoy!
    Red Base (Beta v1.0)
    Blue Base (Beta v1.0
    Earth (Beta v1.0)
    Gameplay (Beta v1.0)
    Credits: Epic Games (for making an amazing game and editor), Buzz3D (for making such great Unreal Ed 3 tutorials), and the Epic Games Forums (for all the feedback people have given me on my questions regarding mapping and Unreal Ed 3)

    This map is still currently in development. This is an early beta release. There is a known issue where bots will sometimes walk into a wall for a few seconds.

    Any questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome.

    - More static meshes
    - Both in the arenas and under the arenas for added scenery when you fall to the Earth
    - Improved lighting
    - This will include the lighting itself as well as the static meshes

    - Bots will sometimes walk into a wall for several seconds until it acquires a target. This will be corrected in the next release.


    Beta 1.0
    - Added to the BSP
    - Changed wall materials
    - Added static meshes
    - Generators
    - Machinery
    - Radars
    - Earth
    - Chain link fence

    - Added more health pickups
    - Added armor pickups
    - Fixed issue where players spawned facing the wall
    - Converted the map from DM to CTF
    - Removed terrain and added an "atmosphere" feel
    - Added kill volume
    - Added falling damage when jumping from one arena to the next
    - This originally wasn't intended. It randomly came up in beta, but it seemed like a good gameplay mechanic, so I'm going to leave it as a feature.

    Great map! I actually like the whole suspended in the air thing. It would have been interesting having a duel here in this map too.