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    Really exciting to see this listed as a contender on the make something unreal page!
    The map is currently competing in best FPS Mod, Best Mod Level, and under the Educational category as well.

    Some notes about the current build:
    I removed the stun dynamic of the flack cannon, it was really annoying and not much fun. Updated the link to go to the new file planet file.
    There's a bug with the sniper rifle, where as you gain levels, the chance to get quad damage actually goes down to 0, rather than up to 50% on headshots, and somehow the giving of the quad damage was disabled altogether. Unfortunately i caught this after i submitted it but I always felt quad damage was a little overpowered anyway especialy when paired with invulnerability, and the sniper rifle still reduces regen making it a very viable weapon. Wish i'd seen this sooner, could have just reduced it's odds of quad damage proccing. Quad damaged snipers were the best way of stopping a really good flag carrier, but it is what it is at this point.

    I also hope everyone keeps in mind that the balance of the game is meant to showcase the leveling system and isn't balanced for actual play. I didn't want players to have to play for half an hour to notice a change in their weapons, so i made it REALLY easy to level. I'm fearful that you level so fast you don't notice the change, but what's done is done. There's still plenty of cool stuff to showcase even without noticeable progression.
    In the end I only got about 40 minutes of actual multiplayer testing done at school, and a lot of this stuff isn't going to be balanced. Off the top of my head i'm thinking a flag runner with a full level impact hammer jump pack is going to be **** near impossible to kill if they spam impact jumps and heal with the flack cannon. But who knows, hope you guys are good at sniping!

    To those of you who gave feedback I am very appreciative! Nice to have the support *sniff*

    I hope everyone does well, this stuff really isn't all fun and games and i know everyone put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, as well as any other manner of disgusting stuff into their maps. Good luck in the contest (just don't beat out rampage! har! har!..)
    **end update**

    This is the near final build, should be very playable now!

    (don't worry it's easy to play, just slap the files into the standard places, nothing more required)

    Story: Ever wonder where we go when we’re fragged? In the eternal, windswept snow of Mount RamPaGe, players fight for the favor of the Unreal Gods. Here they prove their worthiness of another respawn…

    -Modified UT3 weapons that scale in power as players battle
    -An overhaul of the CTF game dynamic
    -A simple RPG system that discards item power-ups and complicated menus


    Impact Hammer: No longer a mere melee weapon, this weapon grants its user the power of flight. By hitting the ground, the hammer propels the user up and then forward at great speeds. When the player crawls, or stays still for 5 seconds, this weapon charges an AE blast that can hit all enemies in a radius when the player hits the ground.
    More hits with this weapon means further rocket flight and less time required to charge the impact explosions. Explosion hits are not counted towards exp, ONLY melee hits.
    Hitting the ground hard will cause the user to hop a short distance forward, while tapping the ground will cause the user to shoot up to great heights if their level is high enough

    Flack Cannon: Players wielding the flack cannon are incredibly hard to kill. Passive health regeneration is doubled while wielding this weapon and consecutive Flack hits will cause this regeneration to skyrocket. Hitting yourself and teammates with the secondary fire will heal for large amounts of life (be careful, if you're very low on life and hit too close to yourself this could kill you).
    This weapon comes equipped with a stun affect. If you take damage, nearby enemies may be knocked around and find it very hard to hit or pursue you. Leveling the flack cannon increases your regeneration potential, and will start you with a higher regeneration on spawn.

    Sniper Rifle: Think of every shot with this weapon as a roll of the dice at the craps table. When you hit the enemy with the sniper rifle you have a chance of getting very powerful, but temporary bonuses. Body hits have a very small chance of turning you invisible, while headshots can give you quad damage or even invulnerability. Players hit by snipers will notice their regeneration slowed. Get hit enough times and your regeneration will cease to work, but by that time you'll probably be dead.
    Making several shots with the Sniper rifle will give you permanent jump boots, making you harder to kill. Leveling the sniper Rifle also increases the odds of receiving powerups.

    Rocket Launcher: Shoot the ground with the secondary fire of this weapon and you'll notice up to 3 servants will spawn at your feet. These minions will follow you anywhere until you de-equip your rocket launcher, where they'll patiently stand guard, waiting for you to switch back to your rocket launcher and follow you again.
    Shooting minions with your rocket launcher will heal them and if hit enough, upgrade them to have berserker. There is a 10 second timer on summoning more minions. Leveling your rocket launcher will reduce this timer in future builds and possibly give minions better weapons.

    Shock Rifle: Hit enemies with your shock rifle to get construction points. When the required points are reached you'll hear a vehicle or turret’s signature noise. At this point shooting yourself with a shock ball (secondary fire of shock rifle) will summon that type of vehicle. Be sure to move after you hit yourself with a shock ball or your vehicle may spawn kill you.
    Unlike standard UT3 vehicles, these vehicles regenerate health over time. If your vehicle is hit by your shock rifle, or a teammate’s shock rifle, you will regenerate a large amount of health over 5 seconds, this doesn't stack. Minions will heal also heal you with their link guns.

    There is only 1 flag point for both teams, at the top of a series of floating platforms. The only way to score "points" is to kill the other team while you hold the flag.
    Flags are made available in 30 second intervals.
    Only 1 flag can be in play at a time, so it is crucial that you kill the enemy player holding your flag and return it so your team has a chance of grabbing the next flag.
    This setup greatly simplifies the gameplay of capture the flag. No longer are there multiple objectives to worry about, or a reason for players to sit idly in their base. Gameplay in RamPaGe is always incredibly fast paced with both teams desperately trying to either kill or protect the flag carrier, and to secure the flag spawn area so the next flag grab will be for their team.

    Npc's spawn on the outskirts of the map and run for the middle. They do minimal damage and pose next to no threat. These bots are more a means of accumulating exp with your weapons than posing any threat. Story-wise they are “unworthy” fallen soldiers who run to the middle for a quick painless death.

    Some Helpful Advice to get you started:
    Get exp! Leveling weapons is a fun diversion from the run of the mill killing spree that is UT3. NPC’s are the easiest targets to get exp from. Try not to charge up your impact hammer too much when killing them so you can get a couple extra exp hits in. Sniper Head shots not only give better powerups, but 3x the exp of regular body shots for the sniper rifle.
    Use the flack cannon. Although you only get 50% of the passive regen while using a different weapon, you can still boost this regeneration by getting hits with your flack cannon and switching to another weapon. It's often a good idea to quickly switch to this weapon, heal yourself, and switch to a more suitable weapon, especially when you're going for the flag, or have the flag.

    Use the foggy outskirts to your advantage. You can take cover here with vehicles and heal them with your shock rifle. This is also a great area to retreat to with the flag to get some sniper kills in relative safety. Grab the flag and use your impact hammer to rocket out to the outskirts.
    The sniper rifle can be a great weapon to use before picking up the flag. If you get a lucky invulnerability or quad damage, you can rack up some points very quickly once you pick up the flag.
    Every weapon has its advantage and disadvantage. Don't try to be a "sniper" or a "healer", use all of the weapons and become the sum of their parts. When you're in a tight spot (especially with the flag), use the flack cannon or impact hammer to rocket jump out. The impact hammer gets you out faster, but the flack cannon lets you rocket jump out while healing for large amounts of health. Switch between the two and get the best of both worlds. Once you're in safety, you might charge up your super attack on the impact hammer, and surprise the angry mob with a large explosion, you'll get some points if your teammates have softened them up.

    Although you can't get into a vehicle with the flag, you can get into turrets. If you see your flag carrier in trouble, set up a turret near them, it'll act as a giant new health bar for them, and allow them to fight back and rack up some kills.
    Always stay near the flag carrier, and keep them healed with the flack cannon. If they get burned down by the enemy team, pick the flag up and keep the momentum going!

    Updated the files:
    1. Lowered the tesselation on the terrain even further. I also ditched the kismet and high detail version in the main download, figured it'd be too confusing. So now just grab the main file and try the beta.

    2.I tried this at school and it seems on slower machines, when you load in on your first life, you don't get weapons, pretty bad bug. So if you aren't registered in kismet off the bat i deal 100 damage which will kill you unless you get the 200 hp bonus from registering. Hope that makes this more approachable to new players.

    This has been up for over 24 hours so far and haven't heard from anyone who's actually played it, hope it's working, if not tell me so i can fix it


      bumping for testing of updated files


        Bump, anyone try this yet? Spent a lot of time on it...

        Heck, tell me it totally blows, just looking for some feedback!


          I was confused on my first run. I did not know where to go for the flag and what to do once I got the flag. I think it is a good idea to add a visual cue at the flag(s) which could easily be interpreted by the player as the goal, and to give some kind of hint to flag carrier that he/she needs to kill the other team to score (I tl:dr'ed your first post) If one were to run this on a CTF server, the clients would not have this information anyway.
          I still get the no-weapons bug in instant action, but in host mode I get the weapons upon first spawn.
          When carrying the flag, I shoot the other team, I get the score message on the hud, but the score is not updated in the game, and the flag is not removed. this did not seem to be an issue with the other version I tried (the kismet logging one)


            Hmm, just checked the kismet, and my fix to kill players who don't spawn with weapons was off, i think it's fixed i'll have to test it more.

            Scores on the HUD don't necessarily mean a flag cap, just that you're getting close to one. It takes i think 20 or 30 "scores" to get a flag cap, or else the games would be extremely short since there is a winner at 3 flags, and i can't adjust this in kismet.

            I agree it could be more obvious where to find the flag. I'll probably add a really quick cutscene at the start of the level to show where the flag is found.

            I'm also leaning towards making the shock rifle and rocket launcher usable right from the start since no one seems to be finding them normally, and they're some of the cooler weapons to try out.

            Thanks again, for the feedback Narayana


              I think the weapons bug may have something to do with your target of give inventory. I tried to look at your kismet to help, but it was all crammed/cluttered and overlapped at the lower right corner in my editor. Is this intentional?

              OK, now I think I understand the scoring announcement. If you have access to set the string in kismet, perhaps it is possible to add an integer count and goal count to it for the uninitiated.
              Something like "Red Score 1/20"
              next time one scores
              "Red Score 2/20"
              and so on
              If you cannot add this a simple way, it could probably yet be done with 20 or 30 separate strings (per team) and switches.


                Good point about the scoring, i'll definitely add that in the near future.

                The reason for hte overlap is kinda complicated, it has to do with the fact i need to duplicate my kismet for every player and i need to crunch them up to get it all to fit, i'll relink the kismet version of my map from above for ya here:

                The weapon bug i'm assuming is from all the players spawning in at once. I have a kismet setup that checks to see if you are player X, and if you are it gives you player X's items and upgrades. I think that when everyone spawns in all at the same time to start it screws up this check. I could just give all players the flack cannon, rocket launcher, and sniper rifle on spawn though, but i don't think they'd get any exp for the same reason, i'd rather just kill 'em off at first spawn, as buggy as that makes my map look.


                  I read your first post, and this seems pretty interesting. Definitely original. I recall seeing your early betas of the map - likely before you decided to add your kismet RPG stuff.

                  I'll try to find time over the next few days to check it out.


                    Bug fix: Should be able to level on first life now, all players are killed at end of cutscene to fix this issue.

                    Update: all weapons unlocked at start of level, short cutscene added to show where flags are taken (still in developement).

                    Small tweaks to weapon exp requirements.

                    It should be noted that levels are set for a testing environment. It is very easy to reach max level with all weapons in the current built.

                    Quick update: Optimized further by removing even more lighting. Should run well enough on even low end machines now. Tested on school computer with older patches.

                    Let me know if anyone is experiencing major issues.


                      Near final Beta update:
                      Fixed major blue team bugs: Blue can now summon NPC's and Vehicles that can actually be used.

                      Major gameplay Tweak: You are now able to score team points by simply surviving with the flag. Every 20 seconds you survive with the flag, you gain 1 point. Kills still award one point while you posses the flag. This allows flag carriers more freedom in playstyle and gives teams more avenues to success.

                      Rocket launcher switched with shock cannon. It made more sense to have the rocket launcher summon minions, since accidently hitting yourself and summoning minions is much better than accidently spending your points on a turret you don't want. The shock rifle now gives "engineers" much more control over when they build. The instant pinpoint fire of the shock rifle also makes racking up builder points easier than with the rocket launcher.

                      Hope you guys try this sucker out, it's starting to get pretty fun


                        Kismet Substantially cleaned up. No longer a need for a seperate kismet file, individual player upgrades are filed away under kismet sequences.

                        Tried as best I could to fix the no weapon bug on first spawn. This can still occur if you play instant action, so i would recommend playing the map in the editor and multiplayer. This map was made to be played amongst players anyway, not by bots who are unable to function alone in this map (they do ok as long as there are a few players to grab the flags at the top)

                        Probably a few other little tweaks that escape my mind right now.

                        If there's something wrong with the map and it's not working let me know, it's so quiet in here, does anyone actually try these maps??...


                          Imma give this one last bump for old times sake, sure put a lot of time into this sucker.


                            Make something unreal bump