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CTF-Firestorm [V1]

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    CTF-Firestorm [V1]

    Version 1
    This is pretty much the first custom map I've made with the Unreal 3 Editor. Basically, its a capture the flag map set in a research facility inside a volcano. It includes different set ups for when flags are taken, a rotating central platform, as well as actual volcanic explosions. All static meshes and materials as well as particles are my own creation. I used Unreal sound waves, pickups, as well as of course the characters.

    Basically, this is a map for a class I'm taking at school. I'm just looking for feedback on mostly gameplay and whether or not all of the set ups work properly. I'm not focused so much on visuals, aka the static meshes, so long as they work properly. However, all critiques are welcome. Thanks for trying it out and helping me at the same time. Hope you enjoy!

    Below is a link to the zipped file for download.

    Uh, just bumping this to hopefully get some feedback. I'm just wondering what you guys thought about it, or at least if you've downloaded it. Thanks!


      Hey, what's up shaun, this is Jeff from the adv. level design class, small world .

      Checked out your map again. Still having a hard time finding a way around to get to the enemy base. After a lot of play time i finally found an elevator that would take me to a path that could reach the middle, but it was tucked away and hard to find, you might want to make this easier to see and get to.

      The bases still felt a little big. All i really wanted to do was find my way to the enemy base and I kept getting lost in the hallways of the base.

      Once i reached the middle i tried to spin the bridge so in future capture attempts i could easily just walk across the middle, but the path wouldn't stay, always turned back sideways. Considering how easy it is for the enemy to gun you down standing on this thing, i just don't see anyone ever really trying to rotate the middle platform. Maybe you could make it spin faster and add jump boots? This way someone could grab the jumpboots, jump to the middle, and spin the bridge so the rest of their team could quickly run across the middle.

      The volcano effect was cool and i liked how your base lit up when your flag was taken.

      As far as i could tell everything worked fine, including the elevators. Just wish it was easier for someone new to the map to find the enemy flag. Same problem someone told me i had with my map

      Good luck polishing this thing up!


        the central rotating platform was more of a strategically placed asset. In order for its use to be effectively used, basically a straight path from one base to the other, one player from your team has to be standing on it. I envisioned it so as if a person has the flag, their team mate can easily stand on it, avoiding snipers of course, and the flag carrier can quickly and efficiently rush past the central area.

        Also, I've been thinking alot about the how people keep getting lost, and I'm having alot of trouble really finding it a problem. I made the map symmetrical, so taking into consideration of that, I thought it would be relatively easy to find the enemy base. It could be the overall size of the level that still makes people get lost, however I was also thinking it may just be something that happens with any level. Realistically, whenever you first play a level, it can be hard to get a grip on where you are. I think it's a matter of players finding their way around, exploring. I know alot of people got the hang of it after a few minutes of playing. So, do you think that could possibly be it, or is it really that it's kind of like a maze, and it's pretty hard to find your way around. I'm trying to get different people's opinions, because frankly, I know everything in the map, so leaving it up to me probably isn't the best option. Thanks Jeff.


          For me it was finding that main elevator to the right of the first exit to the vaolcano area, the one that allows you to reach the top side drop, and the side entrance to the middle. When you go down that hallway to the right, it's REALLY easy to not notice an elevator to the left, and if you see it later you might think you already took it since it's right there. I literally spent 20 minutes running around before i finaly took this elevator, and even afterwards had trouble finding it again, until i did a /ghost and finally figure it out. I do have to admit though that i'm pretty bad when it comes to memorizing maps.

          Considering the importance of this elevator, i'm not sure why players would spend time wandering the other halls once they've figured out the layout. All the alternate paths to the flag stem from this one main elevator as far as i could tell. In the current build i see the winning team as the one who exclusively uses the shortest path the the flags ignoring 50% of your level.

          Like Carlos was saying i think you could add some debris to some of these corridors that don't really lead anywhere to make the level a lot easier to navigate. You could even block them off a bit further back, and still put a few powerups in the passageway before you reach the area that's blocked off, but still let the payer know that this is a dead end and doesn't lead to the flag with the debris staring you in the face.


            All right, I've made a few changes. I added in a new mesh that points players to each of the team's flags, however, the paths are definitely not the shortest or easiest. Also, I added in a camera shake for when the volcano is exploding. Let me know what you think, the links above. Thanks!


              Has anyone else played the map? If so, please, let me know what you think, good or bad. Can be very short, I just want to know if anyone else has even played it. Thanks!