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DM-IceBox [Beta 0]

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    Good competitive map. You will get tons of frags in just 10 mins. Layout is great. Whenever you kill your opponent your run to the middle to get more health and then your opponent is always in the very next room, fully armed.

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  • started a topic DM-IceBox [Beta 0]

    DM-IceBox [Beta 0]

    Name: DM-IceBox_Beta0
    Version:Beta 0.0
    Compatibility:Patch 1.3(Engine version 3601)
    Description:Liandri Corp pit combatant that have claustrophobia in this 9 cell iceroom. He who conquer his own fear wins.

    I'm playing around with the UnrealEditor, and this is the result after 2 days of experimenting
    different style and getting use to the brushes and everything. The basic layout is done in hours
    but the environments are the hardest to nail it right. I go for an cold, icy look to the level,
    with eerie blue lights, weapon locker instead of weapon factory for some quick DM or TDM fun.
    Please do give me some feedback, even though its a very simple level.
    Thank you for downloading my map, and I hope you enjoy it.

    Credits: EpicGames, 3DBuzz, DGUnreal