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    Judging by the screenshots, it looks way too yellow. The same color tone throughout the map kinda makes the decorations look alittle bland. If you spiced it up by adding different colors here and there, along with a different overall color, it could make the decorations stand out abit more.

    However, that's just judging by the screenshots. I'm downloading it so I'll have a look at it ingame.



      Well, that map wasn't as yellow as I was expecting, but I still think it should be toned down just alitte, give a chance for all the red colors in the map to stand out, because right now, I don't feel they do..

      The gameplay is good, just as the original two were. I do like the bell chimes, and it would be pretty neat if you made a shoot trigger, just incase any rockets seem to go astray and hit a bell, it should ring.


        thanks for the replies.

        as ill most likely have to redo the lighting for the outdoor part anyways ill see about the indoor part too and will change it a bit here and there.

        the idea with the shootable trigger for the bells sounds really good. i think ill do that


          some updates:

          - lighting redone. now a bit more redish indoors and a dark blue theme outdoors.
          - added a moon and a skydome with stars.
          - implemented the shootable bells and made them less noisy.
          - some other minor stuff.




              Being banned ftw. Nice going nubcake


                Originally posted by Taffy View Post
                im still trying to make the 2 towers at the rox look better.
                after that ill lightmap the meshes and then b3 should be ready.

                Originally posted by Cr4zyB4st4rd View Post
                Being banned ftw. Nice going nubcake


                  good map, looking forward to play it.

                  why was he banned? just wondering :P


                    Doing bad stuff.

                    As he's banned, ill post this so you can grab the latest (being beta 4)



                      Doesn't take much to get banned,unplug the modem to change ip and a slight name change for me & I'm back.Only takes a disagreement here to be banned and of course depending on who you argue with they may get off with a warning.


                        Darn biohazard... dont get banned man! (it happens quick sometimes i know)

                        Anyways.. i know u read this... NICE WORK ON THAT MAP! It somehow makes me feel sleepy and i feel like to pee alot. LOLZ