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Legion v0.1 [Pics]

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    Legion v0.1 [Pics]

    Name: Legion
    Version: 0.1
    Compatibility: Made with Patch 4

    Description: Legion is a third person action RPG where the goal is to survive the oncoming horde as long as possible.
    Killing enemies will earn you XP which can be used to purchase additional spells. Each spell uses some of your mana, which will slowly regenerate over time. You can also regain mana by picking up the blue mana orbs that drop from some enemies on death. After you kill a certain number of enemies you will advance to the next wave, where the enemies will be tougher and more numerous. Every 5th wave is a boss wave where extra tough enemies will spawn. There is also a small chance that a boss may join in on any wave, so be aware of your surroundings!
    Included are two maps, Survival has you stuck in the middle of a courtyard with waves of enemies coming in through the gates, and Hunter gives you a chance to go on the offensive and take the fight to your enemies.
    NOTE: If your system can handle it, I highly recommend turning on dynamic shadows/light environment shadows (Settings->Video->Advanced)

    Left Mouse Click (UT3: Primary Fire) to move
    Right Mouse Click (UT3: Secondary Fire) to attack using your currently selected spell/melee attack
    Q (UT3: Translocator) to open the spell upgrade screen, Esc/Q to close it again
    1-0 switch to the selected spell/melee attack
    C (UT3: Crouch) to pick up an item of armor

    Using the spell upgrade screen (Q):
    When you have enough XP, you can click on the desired spell to buy it.
    Some spells have pre-requisites, so you need to buy any spells directly above your desired spell first.
    You can mouse over any spell for a description. You can also mouse over any armor you have picked up to see what benefits it is giving you.
    If you mouse over a spell and press a number key (1-0) the spell will be bound to that key, replacing any spell that was previously bound.

    Comments: The next version will include co-op play, this release is single player only.

    Credits: All coding and LEGION-Survival by Matthew Fawcett (blakvege), effects and LEGION-Hunter by Alan Lee.

    Ooo.. interesting


      This could get interesting


        hmmmm dis is a interesting flip


          Plays really well, one thing that's very annoying though is tat you cannot restart the map.
          Cheated a little and typed in loaded in the console. All of the stock weapons work pretty well with this mod. It's very well done. I would suggest changing the dodging a little so you always dodge according to WSAD and the screen, not the way your character is facing. Maybe increase the cooldown a bit to avoid abuse.

          For instace if your character is looking at the bottom of the screen and you double tap W, he will dodge backwards towards the top of the screen.
          Is there a way to add mutators to this? (Wanna try out the crucible hammer with this )
          Is there anyway to select your character?


            Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

            You should be able to type restartlevel in the console to start over. Im planning on adding a gameover screen when all the players are dead.

            I hadnt even thought about dodging, sounds like a good suggestion - ill try and get it in for the next release.

            Im not sure how to support mutators since all the weapons are custom. Ill see what I can come up with, maybe I can make something work.

            The goal for character selection is to have a lobby when you join/start a game, similar to left 4 dead with a few different characters to select from. Each one will have their own skill tree and character model.


              Interesting idea and excellent execution. I think you should try to model Diablo 2 as much as possible. Their are alot of good ideas and with the unreal engine you could accomplish very much.
              I give you a B+