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DM-Ta_Prohm (Beta 2) (Formaly known as DM-Obstructed)

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    DM-Ta_Prohm (Beta 2) (Formaly known as DM-Obstructed)

    *UPDATE 06/10/2009*

    Well I completed the second Alpha/Beta of the map. It's pretty torn inbetween, so the visuals aren't too pretty.... and very rough, so that's not what I'm looking for feedback in.

    Still looking for feedback in the gameplay area, and the general flow of the map.



    So yeah, I would like to hear about any more concerns with the gameplay.

    Bot pathing is still very very basic, but they do move and fight well, so it's playable.

    <3 Kyle

    Updated the first post with an additional mirror. I know have a FileFront link and an Unreal Playground mirror.


      hi there... glad to see you still creating maps, Juggalo. Pics look interesting and fun gameplay. I don't have a PC with UT3 on it to playtest, sadly.


        Heya Luv Studd. Well where is your computer?!


          Juggalo, I've seen your beta map in BU and you have just said that you are planning to change the theme by another more industrial, I do not mind if is egiptian if it will be artistically well designed ( Im sure you can...only you need put a bit love in your map ) dont try to be influenced by the taste's gamers you know you cant satisfy all its impossible... Make your map if you are comfortable with the map

          Keep the egiptian theme and take your time to do it, dude and glad see you mapping again....for ut3


            Alright just played a quick match in this map, it's a nice layout but there are a few issues with so here we go.
            First off the scale feels off, it feels like a 2k4 port, all the 384uu and 512uu corridors and doors would be better at 256 uus. That's the main problem I had with this map.
            The item placement is very bad for flow, you should move all the weapons and pickups that are next to the wall in the middle of the path.
            The RL area feels to obig and like too much trouble just for the RL, I will now use my amazing paint skills to suggest a few alterations to that area.

            Also the shock to flak corridor was problematic. Maybe a few pillars os something to spice it up.
            And the corridor with the bio is way too long, it runs along the length of the whole map, but I'm guessing that with the scale alterations it would be significantly shortened.
            The bio feels a tad useless where it is, I would move it the ledage above the mini near the health, move the health where the mini is and move the mini to the bio where it would come in handy if the opponent chooses to go for the shield belt.
            Anyway looking forward to the next alpha or beta.


              Thanks a bunch for the feedback guys.

              Wael, thanks for the diagram. I will play around with it, and your suggestions to see what I can come up with.

              I did want to make the map more open, like 2k4 maps. I guess the scale is abit big, but personally, that's how I liked it. I'll see what I can do to make it alittle smaller, without making it too small.

              BTW, nice paint skills. =D


                Well I took your suggestion and put it into the map. It's not exact, but it makes the flow in that area much better. Thanks for the great suggestion.


                *The visuals is a very very rough WIP. Don't bash me for the pic. *


                  Updated the first post with the new Beta.




                    Just played this with a bot. I liked the first beta as well, but this one plays so much better with the geometry changes. I'm liking the textures and overall look of it so far as well. My suggestions on the map are only from tests with bots on this and the previous version.

                    However, this is supposed to be a duel map right? Well, in my opinion, I think you should make it a little harder for the players.

                    First concern, waaaayyy too many health vials and 25s. There are 4 25s in one section of the map, with only 2 or 3 scattered every where else. I would remove the two 25s on the second level above the Flak and remove the other one that isn't on the ramp. In other words, only keep the one 25 health that is right near the Flak, in the middle of the two ramps.

                    Is there a lift in front of the belt, on the stinger side, that allows you to liftjump up to it? I think it would make the stinger side more interesting and would help players move in that area more, since they have a way to counter the player going for the belt. It would also give 5 entrances onto the belt level.

                    The lifts don't make noises. Lifts are great ways to figure out where your opponents are. I'd change it so they at least make some sort of noise. I like the fence lifts though

                    I suggest switching Flak and Shock. Flak cannons are often found in tight(or long) corridors, where they are best effective. Moving it to where the shock is would make that hallway more active as well. A flak cannon will draw players more to that corner, since currently there's only a 25 and the shock rifle. Maybe remove the 25 and add 2 health vials on each end of the hallway?

                    It seems like everything is mixed, from a lot of items in one corner, to one item all alone in another spot. Try tying them all together, instead of having one big void of emptiness. Currently, there are a few spots that just don't really seem like the player should risk going through. It's just a personal preference, but I'm not too fond of ammo right beside the weapon. For example, I would put the shock rifle where the flak cannon is and move the shock ammo up to where the 2 25s are at on the second level.

                    Great map though. These are just my suggestions to make it more interesting/ challenging in duels. I look forward to any future versions.


                      Thanks for the feedback!

                      Yeah, you can liftjump right up to the Belt. I even sped it up in this beta so it's alittle easier.