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DM-Aelon-V090 [BETA][PC][PICS]

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    DM-Aelon-V090 [BETA][PC][PICS]

    Version 0.90
    Cooked with UT 3 2.1 (patch 5)

    Hello everyone, I uploaded the beta version of my latest map, DM-Aelon.

    It is a tight, fast-paced Duel map set in a cave.

    This beta version is pretty complete, but it lacks some finishing touches.
    A not-complete list of missing things:
    - There isn't any sound or music
    - There are some missing blocking volumes, and some others aren't placed properly
    - The cave needs a little retouching in the waterfall top part
    - The rocks that block the decorative tunnels are temporary
    - The weapon "bases" are temporary
    - The gravel texture is missing Normal and specular maps
    - The wood texture is temporary
    - The cobwebs look ugly right now (very bright)
    - Missing optimization!

    The gameplay and most of the visuals stuff is there, though. I am planning to release this map in a few days (in time for the MSUC), but I could definitely use any feedback
    I am especially looking for feedback on the visual stuff


    Download: (PC only)

    Any feedback is appreciated

    Oooh shiny.

    /me makes note to test


      ****... so good looking maps are coming out & I don't have the time to beta test them

      Oh well, to bad for me.

      Anyway, even if you mention that you need some suggestions about visuals, it look already nice dude Item placement seem nice also.


        wood planks here and there and also some cables maybe?

        I'll see it later tunai


          Hey X,

          I like it. It's seems very fast which is cool. Just one thing I would change. This blocking of the tunnel you can't go into:

          Those rocks seem low enough that for two places I kept thinking I could double jump over them (at least I never got over them). Maybe raise them or put some metal bars there over them to be clear that they don't go anywhere?

          Just a thought.

          Nice map.

          EDIT: I really like the placement too of the grass in this map.


            Thanks for the comments!

            I've already tried to place some wood planks here and there, but they don't look too good between all that grass.

            The rocks that I placed in those tunnels are temporary, I will create some more rock models and place them a bit better. I will keep in mind to block the tunnel more so that players don't think that they can jump over those rocks.

            Glad you like the grass placement, it took me ages to place all those Static Meshes (the automated Foliage Factories don't act well on small and very irregular surfaces like my cave)


              reminds me of DM worm


                those picts kick ***! Dl
                after the titan pack i was expecting a rain of new players but it s a rain of awesome maps lol^^ will not be easy to honnor all of them on line....pure shame!


                  Thanks for comments.

                  The map is almost finished, it's going to be released this night (I will write the thread in a non specified time tomorrow). There's still some time to fix stuff though, so feedback is still welcome if anyone has any


                    thats really nice terrain! how did you do that, a model?


                      Originally posted by eldraco View Post
                      thats really nice terrain! how did you do that, a model?
                      Yes, the whole cave is a custom model created in Blender. Other custom meshes I created for this map are the rocks scattered around and the wooden pillars, crates, planks and lifts.

                      I am uploading the final version of the map right now