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vCTF - The Arena in the Forest - 2 to 8 PL and DOMvers

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    vCTF - The Arena in the Forest - 2 to 8 PL and DOMvers

    Name: The Arena in the Forest
    Version: beta 0.1
    Compatibility: ??? - PC only?

    This map was born has CTF 1 vs 1, then has double DOM 2 vs 2 map, double DOM version is incluse in this relase.
    Finaly I choose a VCTF Game Mode, to relase this full working beta.

    I have cookied ripperLite iside... so I know someone can hate me, but the ripper is the best weapons of any game and any time.

    This small map have only two vehicles a scavenger and a nightshade for side.

    DOM version of this map have no vehicles, no ripper and only 8 start. It was born as 2 vs 2 map. Starts are teamstarts.

    I have relase it as beta because I need feedback to make some improvements.

    Credits: DDB - Drakart
    Download: mediafire - vCTF and DOM Maps
    Thanks: Makers of DOM Game Mode and Ripper Mod. They have inspired me a lot and convincing to start modding UT3.

    BR version is in mind.

    Pics? and spell check. please.


      Some screen.