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    Beta 4 (beta 1,2,3 where internal betas)
    PC only (as long as the map has beta status)
    A medium sized CTF Level specially buildt for the new Greed Gametype.
    The battlefield is situated in an old Observatory in the middle of a park.
    Custom Content:
    Custom Textures = Yes
    Custom Models = No
    Feedback for the following points would be appreciated:
    Weapon placement

    Robert "dasKaRmA" Chudalla
    Download with Filefront:

    Download with Megafileupload

    Download with File Factory
    Download from

    wow beautiful map !

    looks like fun to play too


      Love the clean look of the inside.


        Visually, it's a **** nice piece of art you made

        I didn't play GRD yet (I was not a fan of this MOD type in 2004 neither).

        Do you plan to make a pure CTF version ? For what I've read some maps play great in both mode & others are much fun in 1 of the 2 mode, that's why I ask since I like as much CTF as TDM


          Thanks for your comments so far,

          Yes, I plan to make it also playable in CTF mode. Right now, its possible to play it in CTF but its very hard to get back to your base. I want to write a kismet script that teleports you back to your homebase when you capture the enemy flag (like in greed) . I just have to figure it out... I dont have much expiereince in Kismet,yet.

          Updated downloadlinks:
          now with Filefront mirror


            Kismet is also Chinese for me so I can't help you out.

            Still, I know these folks can give you great advices if you ask them. You may ask "Sebastien-nova, M^vl, Musilowski, Nawrot, Vectorspace, Zixxer" for help. Others I know are familiar with kismet but no offense, these folks are more experienced & they may provide you some answer more quicly

            If you intent to make a pure CTF map in the future (not playable in both mode), I'll give it a try


              Originally posted by dasKaRmA View Post
              Feedback for the following points would be appreciated:
              Weapon placement

              This is ok, but could be better. The map seems a bit over scaled to me (except for the telescope room, which is nice). I do like the look of the map (theme, lighting, ect). Vertically, you seem a bit smaller than you should be, though I do know that you can't have a realistic scaled map, otherwise, game play would suffer. If you can, lower the height of ceilings for a lot of the rooms, but keep the grander rooms a bit taller.

              Also, the map seems a bit bare in a lot of places. I think if you could even some additional architecture, columns and such, it would help. I also thought that some of the "rustic" architecture contrasted a bit much to the otherwise "clean" nature of the observatory. I don't know if it's the texture or the actual shape of the mesh (the mesh looks too industrial).

              I also felt that that getting to the red base was a bit too hard (I only played on the blue team). I usually test maps with experienced bots and usually am the leader by a noticeable amount. With the map, I didn't score a skull drop until over a 100 points in the game.

              The biggest issue is when you come out of the building and you have that long walk to the conduit, there is too much open space and the bots go crazy with the shock rifle. Also, they tend to spawn a bit close to the conduit, so even if you kill them, you know you will have to kill them again before you can score.

              I actually had to hide from them just to get a score on the board. This is a "forced" combat layout out which isn't really bad, it's just not my preferred fighting style.

              I also think it would be nice if you could add some stairs leading down from the top floor in the center court yard. Maybe a stair, to a big landing, to another stair way. While you can jump down and only receive 2 points of damage, it was used enough by the bots and myself that it seemed silly to have to take any damage. It would also add some more levels of z-fighting.

              Weapon Placement:

              The only thing I thought was odd, though I didn't pay too much attention to the placement was the link gun room right next to the blue base. It just seemed like it was added. In general, I don't think it's a good idea to have 2 of the same ammo near the same weapon base. I add a matching ammo, then something completely different.

              I also don't think it's a good idea to have a shield or big health pickup either. Forgive me if you don't have these in your map. Normally, I would give the test a bit more time, but I am bit busy and scattered brain at the moment!


              I run the game with essentially everything maxed out and didn't notice a problem. Of course, looking at it in the editor would give me a better idea what can possibly be done to help with other computers.


              I really like the look of the map and the setting (outside lighting is very nice). I do think the map makes the player feel a bit "mini-me" with out being one. A bit more architecture or something to help fill in all of this open space would help with the atmosphere, but not really the game play.

              Just as a final though, I like that you added the GRD in your map name (I am the unofficial lobbyist for this naming convention). With that, you might want to think about adding a second place for the conduit and they could even be in the same place (the center courtyard). If you did this, you may have to rethink the starting points for each team and place them between the two conduits.

              Originally posted by stevelois View Post
              I didn't play GRD yet (I was not a fan of this MOD type in 2004 neither).
              The greed game mode says it's not a fan of you either!

              Originally posted by dasKaRmA View Post
              I want to write a kismet script that teleports you back to your homebase when you capture the enemy flag (like in greed) . I just have to figure it out... I dont have much expiereince in Kismet,yet.
              Check out this thread and this page for the different versions of the map. I have played the scorpian47 version and MJpoland set it up so when you cap a flag, you should be teleported back to your base.

              Lastly, I added your map to my Greed list.


              1. I took a look at the map in the editor and it seems like you got some optimizing techniques going on. You could try removing some more terrain. You are using big patches so this will help in rending it, but there are some additional patches under the building, behind the trees, and way off in the distance that you might be able to squeeze some more fps?

              Also, I would set any mesh that is up against a wall (most of your door arches (HU_Archways.SM.Mesh.S_HU_Archways_SM_Archway01_Ar ch), your Necris ceilings (NEC_Ceilings.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Ceilings_SM_Turk182aCU T, floor boards (HU_Walls_Brick.SM.Mesh.S_HU_Walls_SM_SetC_BottomT rim), and anything similar to not cast a shadow. This will help with build times, reduce shadows that no one will see and eliminate some of that funky shadowing around the edges of some of these meshes. A trick is to zoom around your map toggling off and on the meshes. I you see a shadow on the wall and the player can't see it, it shouldn't be there.

              2. On your door arches (HU_Archways.SM.Mesh.S_HU_Archways_SM_Archway01_Ar ch), on some of them, if you look where they meet up, you make seem some flickering (z-axis), a pet peeve of mine that needs to be eliminated at all costs captain!

              I also mentioned that there was something off about them. I think it's the material as it looks way too rustic. I tried applying your marble material to it and while it may not be ideal, I think it fits better. I do like the necris stuff, as it gives the place some true "rustic" feel, with out being out of place.

              3. Just another think I like is the mesh work you have for some of your window/door frames, very slick!


                Really nice looking IMO, but the door frames really needs to go. some of the rooms feet a bit too empty as well.

                Originally posted by BuffyTheSlayer View Post
                looks like fun to play too
                I'm curious, do you ever post feedback or just constantly say the same thing in every thread?

                /not a troll.