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Place of Two Deaths Remix test

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    Place of Two Deaths Remix test

    Name:Place of Two deaths Remix
    Description:Remake of a quake 1 classic Place of Two Deaths
    Comments:no where near finished + I am a noob at editing so please post what you like and dislike,what you think needs improvement and suggestions
    Credits:Salanth testing it in house

    DL now... waiting the picts though..


      screenshot is too small and can barely see a thing....


        Looks like there are more screenshots in the download link.



          here is a forum post I made that has pictures.


            Ok I've had a good runaround and this is a good first map with some cool features and quite advanced kismet Its nice and open and has the potential for some good gameplay.

            I have alot of suggestions, so here goes.
            Firstly I know your going for a minimal high performance map, but the maps limited colour-texture scheme as simple brushwork isn't too exciting visualy, and makes the map extremely dissorientating, since its hard to tell one area from another. Try to work in more complex brushwork, box shaped rooms are extremely boring to look at, if you just curved or sloped the ceilings to give a vaulted effect like this it would make alot of difference.
            Try to give the the different areas some kind of specific look or feature. The balcony with rain you created is a great example. Why not give one room a hole in the ceiling with rain pouring in, another room could have a big statue and another room could be flooded and so on.. Giving the different main area/room a distinctive feature/colour/deco scheme will make the map alot more visualy stimulating and help alot with orientation for the player.
            A great Example to look at for visualy advancing the map would be DM-Chizra by Hazel.H since its a low poly map with a similar theme and colourscheme:
            Try to look at hows she's acheived the look of the map with the brushwork, the lighting.

            When working with gamplay mechanics that your adapting from another game, tryto bear in mind the new gameplay enviroment its coming into. The mechanism you've created to get the chest armor is really nicely made, but I could simply bypass the need to use it with a doublejump wall dodge from both the switch and the opposite balcony.

            Further suggestions:
            1.)Replace the chest Armor with the ShieldBelt or Damage Amp. Such a risky feature should have a greater reward.
            2.)Replace the Keg o' Health with the chest armor (or Shield Belt). Its general DM etiquete not to have the Keg, since u can't tell who has it.
            3.)The shot triggered door is cool, but looks kind of ugly. There are lots of nice door - wallsection meshes, especialy Necris ones, that would work well instead of a brush.
            4.)The fans are cool but dont really fit with the ancient-medieaval atmosphere of the map.
            5.)Try to stagger the heights of your raincubes, this will get rid of the 'striping' effect.

            Nice work overall, very technicaly competent. Interested to see how it develops.


              Notice the jump pad guys?
              thats not suppose to be there lol I forgot to remove it when I was playing around before release of this test.

              Thanks for the input cray!.

              I noticed I can double jump off the wall to the armor area O_o h'm also the button by the tele porter and the door where the keg of health is does not always work with certain guns.

              I really like that idear you had about the door and the portcullis or something.

              I'll get right on that and exstend the goo pool.

              Any more suggestions would be most helpfull.

              I know I am a noob but I am getting better and perhaps the 2nd map can be an out door swamp map with high points and hazard areas. O_o just an idear.


                dont rush into another map, this map has lots of potential for growth and is an excellent base to build on. The maps simple geometry and minimal decoration mean that you can really evolve this map into something really well creafted in time. Try to work on some of the suggestion, get a second beta out, then go from there..

                Study other maps too, especialy Chizra that I linked to above. Try to evolve your brushwork and lighting from the lessons you learn from them.


                  yeah sounds like a plan.
                  When I look at a lot of the custom maps I noticed some users have vines and other plants going up the walls. I wunder how people do that