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Blood Diamond Beta3 (updated 05/05/2009)

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    Blood Diamond Beta3 (updated 05/05/2009)

    Name: Blood Diamond (Crystal Caves Extention)

    Version: beta3

    Compatibility: Original parts of cave may be too small for Titan. The extended version will be large enough

    Description: A giant geode has been found and the walls have been drilled. Walkways are everywhere and vipers are waiting for action on the bottom floor. The geode is were the majority of the action will take place. This map is for 12 through 20 players.

    Comments: This is the crystal facility with a giant geode accessible through a couple teleporters. The walkways can be hard to stay on at times and if you can survive the fall watch out for the vipers. In Team Deathmatch the viper's nest seems to be where all the action occurs.

    Updates beta3:

    Fixed bot pathing so bots are not trying to drive vipers on the pathways.
    Completely took out the waterfall and added a new cave structure. I do want to put the waterfall back into the new caves but not quite sure how I'm going to do it.
    Added static meshing to white room.

    As always any suggestions would be welcome.


    Changed waterfall room into caves.

    The viper's nest. There are 8 vipers in here and the connected warehouse.

    The walkways above the viper's nest.

    Credits: Thanks everybody here in the forums who have helped answer my dumb questions.


    Let me know if you've any suggestions on how to improve. Thanks.

    It looks

    Will check it out.


      just tryed yer baby and first from picts i had say the same as 1337_Sniper....."look red"
      now i can add "looks blue" & "looks green"

      i m on strange feeling on that map and in some places i saw awesome visuals and in others i had a feeling of empty rooms and places:

      -i especially love the job u did on cristals and lava/fused rocks in some places

      -perhaps u can try to modulate the lighting because the colors are so deep that it brutalise eyes especially the red room

      - i like the lighting of some rooms (the green is nice)

      -the gameplay have weird organisation and sometimes i had the feeling to be alone on the place

      -bots are in love with vehicles and seem to get stuck around them or in them

      -very fun use of the vehicles and nice train to try to moove on ramps in the red room

      -the two fans u have add make no sence ....what is their function in a mine? u need to have air conduits/tubes to use them to drive air ; watching them i had the felling u just add them in a hurry

      -in some parts of the map the angles are too brutals and some meshes would be welcome to make it more sweet to eyes & very repetitive use of textures and on some walls it look way far too flat

      -use of the same textures (different scaling) in 1 white room staircase(x4) + floor(x1) looks weird and those "white" rooms are so empty

      -i like the idea of the water on the floor when u enter the red room from portal;but here too it need a lot of work to make it more eyecandy

      -in that room lot of things make no sence: a satelitte and a radio transmission system/tower in a cave???rocks on fusion on the ground.where is it coming from?why does is still in fusion?why isnt the roof around in fusion too? and nice lady but what is doing that enlighted board here?

      -all the structure in the red room(pillars columns and all in fact) is build on thoses grids !!and they are floating(no support under the grids to link and support it to the rock??

      very interressant map on a nice idea; good luck to finish it and thx for ur work


        new update beta 3