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DM-Chronomancer - A battle through time [BETA1]

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    Crayfish you suck for not make this map final


      Hey guys, I know its been a long time. Its nice that people care about the map. I am working on a major project now, but I promise I will return and make a final version of this map after that. It problably wont be a huge difference, but the red lightsource in the main room I thik bothered alot of people, so make a custom material in the pit for that. Hopefully sort out some of the sound issues (tho that seems like a bug to me). Give the elevator a sound also. Take care guys.


        So, you still here dude, that's very cool

        Can you say what is the big project your working on ?

        Your map is in "my great picks to come list" so I'll bother you later again


          how did i miss this asskicking one??? idea...

          i like that map a lot; the meshing is accurate and superb; the lighting is top notch; and the idea/theme is just a blast
          the layout and the gameplay are very good even if it require a lot of players (no real online future with our dying ut3)...shame that i dont discovered it earlier!
          some ideas: i found the "two" map arent enough audio contrasted: when u use the portal/ring the audio difference (ambiant sound) dont jump to our ears and the two maps looks a lil "undernoisy"
          -the "red"/new map : all thoses cracking/onduling electrical red effects dont cast a lot of noise and while watching em it dont seem possible; a loud energy noise and some sparks sounds could help
          -the "green"/ruined map: water sounds are tip top but here some metallic murmurs sounds; some long grating can add a lot to the athmo + a reverb volume as the place is more empty....

          ....just suggestions of course

          with the 5 stars three words come to my mind: impressive...superb....thx


            This map looks absolutely amazing!!! If the gameplay is anywhere close to the quality of the looks, it's gonna be a keeper! Downloading now.

            Hmm... Kind of looks like Tokay's Towers from Quake 2. (which I loved....) Can't wait to check it out tonight!


              I like this. Creative, fun, outside the box. keep it up bud.


                We need a final version for this baby and DM-1on1-Blood Money


                  Awsome map dude. Good job


                    who let the Borg out!

                    At least that's what it first reminded me of. It’s a large open central arena with paths around outside, teleporters and lots of z-axis; bots are kinda tough; ah, a time portal……that’s what that was.