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DM-Chronomancer - A battle through time [BETA1]

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    DM-Chronomancer - A battle through time [BETA1]

    Name: DM-Chronomancer - A battle through time.
    Version: BETA 1 - released 18/04/09
    Compatibility: v2,0 - Titan Pack (Titan Assets used)

    STORY/THEME: The average Axon soldier never knew about the research facility Elara V, let alone the work on the time displacement equipment there, but after the loss of all contact with the base, every available unit is scrambled to the site to secure the decisive technology. Little do they know what awaits them there.

    VIDEO (HD version available):


    The map was designed around a central hazard zone with heavy emphasis on z-Axis fighting and mobility. Control of the Jump Boots (which are located in the most dangerous area of the map) is the key to victory, as they allow quick access to every level.
    The Monitor room/Liftshaft is the next area of focus. It contains the chest armor, 5 health vials and the monitor screen that displays the spawning of super items in the opposite timezone. There is line of sight into the Monitor Room from many other areas of the map through the Liftshaft, so alot of inter-level fighting will be focused here.
    One super powerup spawns in each timezone (Damage Amp in the Present and the Shieldbelt in the Future) so fighting through both timezones is extremely important in gaining control of the map.
    The lower generator room is a place of refuge, it contains health and the entrance to the lift.
    There are liftjumps that allow quick access to the Time Portal, and safe access to the Shock Rifle, and for all you trick-jump pros, there is a hidden X-ray field in the Present timezone and a Stasis Field in the Future.
    Despite the epic scale of the map, it was designed with duels/small team games in mind. I think the map will play best with between 2 and 8 players, Duel or TDM.

    DOWNLOAD PC (PS3 to come):
    EDIT* MSUC version on FilePlanet now available: (this is a slightly tweaked version,, its not really a full Beta2, so not worth an extra download if u already have the map, but if u dont have it yet, get this one)

    INSTALLATION: Extract to My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

    CREDITS: Me, Epic, H.G.Wells, Thomas Cole, Takashi Tezuka, the L.H.C, the contributers to the 'DM-Gameplay' thread: , Biff Tandem and his dystopic Hill Valley
    Tutorials: 3D Buzz(UT3 Special Edition DVD), Hourences, DGUnreal, cannedmushrooms, godfree7 & kcin228(Youtube).

    SERVERS: If you are hosting, or have seen this map on any servers pls let me know and I'll list them here.

    Theme: A DM level set in a single phisical space, but in two different timezones. The origonal concept came from the Super Nintendo game Zelda III, where the hero is able to warp between two dimensions that occupy the same phisical space. When I played DM-Gateway for the first time, I got the idea to create a level where instead of warping between phisical spaces, u warp between timezones. I was origonaly going to create a level set in the different seasons but thought that the winter-summer cycles would be too close to DM-Gateway enviroments. It was then I remembered one of my favourite (series of) paintings Thomas Cole called 'The Course of Empire':
    This depics the evolution of a landscape over 100s of years as a great civilisation comes to its zenith then descends into ruin(s).
    As the idea took shape, further inspiration came from Valve's 'Portal, the fast teleporter maps for Quake3 CPMA and this series of paintings showing post-apocyliptic Tokyo becoming overgrown beneath tropical vegitation:
    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
    The central hazard area was inspired by this shot of the Large Hadron Collider:
    Gameplay - Layout: After reading through this great thread on DM Gameplay:
    it seems that players enjoy freedom of movement, risk-reward and Z-Axis fighting. These were the key elements I designed this stage around.

    There are major problems with bots. Bots seem to be able to overide aircontrol and other laws to navigate pathnodes as they see fit. I imagine this was done to compensate for thier lack of real intelligence as you bump up thier difficulty level. The problem this causes is that they can choose to stop dead in the Time Portal and get caught in an infinite warp. Im going to try out some different configurations in future releases, but the Portal works perfectly for how I want it in multiplayer and bots are low on my priority list.
    When you test this out, please try to take a run through solo, or with other players.
    The two timezone configuration I think could work well as a Greed map. If there is enough demand, I will consider undertaking the conversion.
    PS3 version.
    Give Lifts sound.
    Whatever else comes up.

    ENJOY, Crayfish.

    That looks sweet! Excellent job!


      Amazing, I think you're just crazy man !!
      I d/l it right now


        Just registered. One of the things I had to do first is to tell you that I'm fascinated with this map. Downloading the beta, I'll going to play it with bots though, since I'm still having problems connecting...


          This map looks awesome will d/l now!


            map look great
            great i idea with the time zones never see that befor in a map


              That look **** amazing & crazy Gonna try it.


                The definition of win


                  Another map that tries to look like a "different map", great layout, Interesting use of the plants, lights....

                  Is here using any custom text or meshes for this map?

                  Anyway, the visuals you did got me attracted at beginning :up:, in the time come to see how will you manage the flow...It will be interesting


                    Awesome map! The visuals are top notch and go even crazier with the Udamage on. The layout is very complex, and is not too forgiving. With all of the power-ups, this map should be very intense online.

                    I noticed the bots getting stuck here and there. The lift in front of one of the portal exits is a little low and I accidentally fell into the water pit a few times as a result of not seeing that it was gone already. And I think I got jammed in one of the portals for about 3 seconds upon telefragging a bot once.

                    Good job Cray, this is definitely a winner.


                      wow looks amazing !

                      downloading !


                        That is one seriously kick-*** concept!


                          Thanks for all the props guys, is real nice to hear after putting so much time and thought in Really glad u dig it!


                            Ehy mate!
                            I'm really impressed. :O

                            No words to describe this map! It's... it's simply amazing!


                              **** nice map you got there dude

                              Don't have a lot to comments. So I'll be brief :

                              The lift doesn't have sounds.


                              I was able to double jump there from the "x" spot. Maybe add a blockin volume ?


                              Others things :

                              - The tights pad placement is rather a odd. Meaning that it doesn't worth the trouble of getting since that small area is very risky. It would be more appropriate if you can put that small armor on a crate or something alike & put a powerup there, suggesting bezerk & invisibility. I also notice that bots don't collect it, you might check your bot pathing ?

                              - The shield belt is floating.

                              - A couple more of medium health & vials would be welcomed.

                              - Did you consider adding another way to use "travel thing" in the center of the map because I found it very restrictive to be only accessible by 1 way. While I spawn in a certain time, the opposite team wasn't there since they where in the other time & it as take a long time before they just appear in the same time of hours. If I could reach the other time period more quickly, the better because I felt out of place for to long. Maybe add 1 - 2 jump pad in the center room will do the job ?

                              In all, I love both time map. The final is a keeper for me

                              THX for your work