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WAR-DeepFreeze [PC] [Beta1] *Fixed Download*

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    WAR-DeepFreeze [PC] [Beta1] *Fixed Download*

    Someone over on the titan internet forums alerted me that the RAR file was broken. Fixed that now.


    Name: WAR-DeepFreeze-Beta1
    Version: Beta1
    Compatibility: PC only atm. Beta 2 is planned for a PS3 cook.
    Description: Fairly large symmetric snow-themed map.

    Sorry for having to get your attention like that, but people have a habit of not reading the known bugs list and posting bugs that I already know about. Copied from the readme:


    *The spawn areas and jump pad tunnels are blocked off to vehicles. Unfortunately this also stops hoverboards, so if you try to hoverboard through
    the spawn area doorways you will hit an invisible barrier. You can walk through it fine.

    *Collision in some of the rock tunnels is a bit buggy with vehicles.

    *Bots sometimes try to drive vehicles through the entrances to the base spawn areas, even though they are blocked to vehicles. Still working
    on this.


    *There can be some strange graphical reflections/distortions on the ice at the center node.

    *Some areas of the map are quite sparse and empty, especially the jump pad tunnels.

    *There is an obvious visible seam where the rock meshes meet the terrain.

    *The river water looks really fugly.

    *Needs better lighting. This will take a while to do, so this beta is really just for gameplay purposes.

    *No menu screenshot or radar map image yet

    Orb spawns at bases. Vehicle loadout:

    Bases: 2 manta, 4 scorpions, 2 hellbenders, 1 paladin, 2 raptors.

    Primes: 1 spma, 2 scorpions, 1 manta

    Central node: 1 goliath.


    Base Spawn area:






    Other nodes:


    New Download