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CTF-McKinley_Base [Beta 2][Updated 2009 April 15]

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    CTF-McKinley_Base [Beta 2][Updated 2009 April 15]

    Name: CTF-McKinley_Base
    Version: Beta 2
    Compatibility: v2.0
    Description: Remake of the classic Quake CTF map.
    Credits: David "Zoid" Kirsch

    DOWNLOAD (9,94 MB)

    Video of the map in action (YouTube / 5m 03s)

    Larger Version (1 920 x 1 080, 1,62 MB)

    Larger Version (1 920 x 1 080, 2,83 MB)

    Larger Version (1 920 x 1 080, 2,51 MB)

    There are plenty of issues with the map currently. I have a lot on my todo list for this map, so plenty of the issues you will encounter on this map are already known. I would like feedback, comments, criticism, tips, etc. on how to improve this.

    I have reference shots of the original Quake map here.

    What Still Needs Fixed/Implemented:
    • Behemoths do not fit well anywhere except in the main bases
    • Bots do not really use the underwater passage
    • Bots get stuck in the water at the middle
    • Optimize bot paths more
    • Hidden door lighting needs blended more
    • Lighting and shadows need tweaked
    • Blue/Red Flag dynamic light leaks into hidden room underneath
    • Underwater tunnels need a better material and material alignment
    • Lightmaps for everything, except static meshes, are set to 16.0
    • Lightmaps need optimized
    • Create a flythrough
    • Adjust audio reverb per room
    • Find a way to disable portal exit sound
    • Some of the music tracks will play, but eventually all music will stop playing altogether--even with the concurrent count set to 999
    • Crates in lower-level of blue base still have red emissive glow
    • Bots are retarded in Greed mode


    Beta 2 (2009 April 15):
    • Added blocking along base walls
    • Added more lights on the stairs
    • Replaced jump pads with lifts
    • Added doors for the hidden areas
    • Added static mesh tiles to the Link Gun platform
    • Shrunk the platform width that the Bio Rifle sits on
    • Removed partial floor brush in the base and extended the large brush to cover it (Hopefully this removes the white line that appeared before)
    • The music plays but there are issues; see below
    • Fixed various texture alignment issues
    • Optimized the bot paths some
    • Adjusted color of the water to reflect the blue tint when underwater
    • Shrunk almost all overhead lamps to 0.5
    • Since the level is subtractive, I shrunk the outside brush to the level size
    • Extended blocking brushes at both base entrances to prevent behemoth from roaming freely
    • Added map preview image
    • Added translocator paths to help bots find alternative routes to places

    Beta 1 (2009 April 12):
    • Initial Release

    Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

    New version uploaded.


      Added to the list


        Added a link to a video on YouTube.