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WAR-TiberianSun_UTVehicles[final beta released 8-21-09]

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    WAR-TiberianSun_UTVehicles[final beta released 8-21-09]


    Version: .9 Beta

    Compatibility:UT3 V2.1 Titan Pack(PC)

    A map based on the CnC Tiberian Sun universe.
    Power cores are part of the Construction Yard and can be damaged by hitting any where on the structure(there are "weak" spots), power nodes give you vehicles at the various buildings.
    Each base has 2 places that they can teleport to (War Factory, and Barracks/hand of Nod)and if captured the enemy can teleport to it.
    This map makes use of harvestable Tarydium resources to "heal" your power core, The more Refineries your team possesses the faster your power core heals.
    The Helipads spawn the Air Vehicles
    The War Factorys spawn the ground vehicles
    Power nodes have to be built to enable each base feature.

    Team Vehicle break down:

    Nod Vehicles: (necris)
    2X Scavengers,2X Vipers,2X NightShades,2X DarkWalkers,2X Nemesis,4X Furys,1X Leviathan

    GDI Vehicles: (Axon)
    2X Mantas,2X Scorpions,1X Spma,1X Palidin,1X Leviathan,2X Goliaths,2X Hellbenders,2X StealthBenders,2X Raptors,2X Cicadas

    Defensive Turrets:
    Each base gets 1 of each type of turret... 4 in all.
    1 x Stinger turret
    1 x Shock turret
    1 x Standard turret
    1 x Raptor gun turret with passive lock missiles(locks on certain type vehicles only)
    These spawn at the power plant when the power plant node is built and can be moved in a complete circle around the bases.

    Each outpost has a teleporter and 1 Raptor Gun Turret when captured.

    Players do not switch sides between rounds
    Red Team is Nod
    Blue team is GDI
    Nod has the necris vehicles
    GDI has the axon vehicles

    The first step in developing a full blown CnC vehicle mod for UT3.
    Includes 2 slight modifications including the new Raptor gun track turret and a full 2 minute invisibility powerup pickup.
    All Buildings have full collision and will effect the power node associated with it when hit by enemy fire.
    Map is fully pathed and bots will do their jobs effectively(map will play its self if left alone)
    Bots will invade your base cloaked and take your power nodes if you aren't watching
    All vehicles become unlocked once entered so beware of cloaked enemies in your base stealing your vehicles

    Screenshot: see next post below

    Tsumetai (Tiberian Sun Building Resources from UT2004)
    sgtmay (map design,modification coding, and static mesh porting from UT2004 and rework for proper collision in UT3)
    Rumple (code contributions towards health settings for power cores)
    CaptainSnarf(code contributions towards editable power node health settings)



    Am looking for a server to host this map for testing.... please PM me if interested.

    Overhead shot of the map

    A full 2 minutes worth of invisibility for the powerup

    perspective view of GDI base

    Perspective view of Nod base

    there are 4 different modes for this map.
    Default (all super weapons and power ups enabled)

    BaseVsBase (Redeemer and invulnerability disabled)

    TwoFronts (2 prime nodes,all powerups and super weapons enabled)

    ThreeFronts (4 prime nodes, all powerups and super weapons enabled)




        need some tylenol for your headache?


          I assume he's facepalming because you didn't resize the screenshots. There's a tag or something you can use so they don't stretch the browser. I don't know what it is, though.


            Originally posted by brisingre View Post
            I assume he's facepalming because you didn't resize the screenshots. There's a tag or something you can use so they don't stretch the browser. I don't know what it is, though.
            lol ya dont think i didnt look for it in the posting tools

            would be nice to know how to do it since i dont know how to.

            i would fix that post if someone could clue me in on how its done


              lmfao, Hitman

              Btw, terribad job on the map.


                Not necessarily. It's ugly, but that's not necessarily a terrible thing if the gameplay is good.


                  ya its nothing pretty... just a good place to start with converting and testing the vehicles i have to convert over to UT3


                    Yeah... from those screenshots, I can't see any gameplay other than a sandbox map.


                      try playing it once.... there is a download link


                        Originally posted by brisingre View Post
                        Not necessarily. It's ugly, but that's not necessarily a terrible thing if the gameplay is good.
                        But in this case, both things are lacking.


                          ok so you dont like it..... got any thing constructive to add or are you just going to keep posting negative comments with nothing for examples to back up your 'opinion'?

                          in other words if you dont have anything to say other than its a bad map then move on and leave it be.


                            I don't know it just lacks color, it lacks design, it lacks thought. Add some rocks, background, stuff on the ground, trees, just something to it's not so barren all over the place and work on the lighting, and make the design interesting. Add up and down hills, look at some of the more elite maps out there and try to mimmick their style.


                              now that wasnt so hard was it?

                              i can understand what you are saying and the final version of the map will be more polished.

                              basicly what i am concentrating on now is getting the buildings to sense an enemy projectile hitting them and transferring that damage to the ultimate goal would be to replace the stock UT Power node with these buildings which can be done but is going to take some time to adapt the existing code to fit my need.

                              once i get that much done and tested i will move on to prettying up the map..... this is in the beta section you know.

                              as far as how the game play would be..... i dont think many people who are actually playing the map will have time to stand around and admire the scenery as if they did they would be on the losing team most likely.

                              you can be at the enemies core attacking it within the first 40 seconds of game play if you know what you are doing so i would think that most would be more interested in killing the opposing teams core than what the scenery looks like.